Happily getting married in the midst of controversies and rumors show how truly you love someone. With her pure love, Nicole Tuck succeeded to get married to the American record producer DJ Khaled. She married the love of her life, so they should be happy, shouldn’t they?


The hot topic for today is the marital life of the businesswoman Nicole Tuck. She got married to her love DJ Khaled. But, are they happy? With all the rumors and controversies, the DJ has created, is Nicole having a good marital life?

Let’s find out about the marital relationship of Nicole Tuck and DJ Khaled. We will also talk about their children if they have any.

Nicole Tuck and DJ Khaled: Marital Relationship

With marriage dates unknown, the couple has been seen living a really good life. All of the details of their romantic dates and proposal kept secret, the true lovers got married. Some tabloid sources have found out that the DJ was in a relationship with businesswoman Nicole Tuck long before 2013.

[ CAPTION: Nicole Tuck with DJ Khaled ][ SOURCE: In Touch Weekly ]

DJ Khaled had once created a controversy in 2013 where he proposed Nicki Minaj live at the MTV. However, it was later confirmed by the DJ himself that the proposal was just for fun. The female rapper also told the reporters that it was just a publicity stunt for Khaled’s new song.

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[ CAPTION: DJ Khaled and Nicki Minaj ][ SOURCE: Eonline ]

The controversy might have stirred up some drama in the couple’s life. But with true love, nothing is impossible. The couple came out more strongly and got married after that incident. The controversy just made the couple closer than before.

Nicole Tuck and DJ Khaled: Children

For DJ Khaled and Nicole’s symbol of love, they gave birth to Asahd Tuck Khaled on 23rd October 2016. With the birth of the child, his father has made him an internet sensation. Do you even believe that the one-year-old already has his own Instagram and Twitter account? 

[ CAPTION: Khaled family ][ SOURCE: The Source ]

On account of his birth, DJ Khaled told the media that the child is going to be a superstar quite young. As we all know, Khaled is a Snapchat sensation, he had posted a live video of his wife’s delivery and labor on the internet.

[ CAPTION: Asahd Tuck Khaled ][ SOURCE: Papermag ]

Since getting born, their son Asahd Tuck Khaled has been to several awards shows with his parents. The kid had his birthday celebrated in Miami with an epic club bash. In the party, the child received a $100,000 diamond watch from his father.

Now, the son of DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck has become one of the youngest people to appear on the cover of the Paper magazine. We will find the child in the magazine’s 2017 digital winter issue. 

[ CAPTION: Asahd Tuck Khaled in the Paper Magazine ][ SOURCE: Papermag ]

All in all, with the symbol of their love already in the media headlines, it is needless to say that the marital relationship between Nicole Tuck and DJ Khaled is going as great as it can be.