Quick Facts Park Jin-young

  • NamePark Jin-young
  • Birth Year1971
  • Birth month12
  • FatherPark Myung-noh
  • NationalitySouth Korean
  • Birth Place Seoul, South Korea
  • EthnicityAsian
  • ProfessionSouth-Korean singer, producer, songwriter, and reality show Judge
  • Mother Yoon Im-Ja
  • AwardsHot Star award

The 2016 SBS Hot Star award winner, Park Jin-young is a South-Korean singer, producer, songwriter, and reality show Judge. Best known by the stage name The Asiansoul and J. Y. Park-JYP. He is the founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment.

As of 2019, this famous South Korean singer Park has an estimated net worth of $2 million. In addition, his company JYP Entertainment is one of the most profitable agencies in South Korea.

However, his personal life is quite distressful. Want to know how was his married life? Know about his affairs, ex-wife, children, parents, net worth, career, singing, and other interesting facts!

Park Jin-Young Net Worth, Income, Earning, Salary as of 2019!

One of the famous and profitable stars of South Korea, the 47-year-old, Park Jin-Young has an estimated net worth of $2 million (USD), as of 2019. Do you know his net worth was around $1.1 million (USD) from royalties alone in 2012?

In 2001, Park decided to devote his time to production and management of artists under the umbrella of JYP, which Park founded in 1999.

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As a producer, Park found more great success with artists such as Rain, Wondergirls, Park Ji Yoon, Lim Jeong Hee, and Jinjoo.

As per reports, Park’s company JYP’s net profit was $3.1 million (USD) in 2015 and $7.533 million (USD) in 2016. Similarly, the company’s gross net revenue in 2016 was $69.51 Million (USD).

CAPTION: Park Jin Young’s JYP Building

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You would be shocked to know that, despite being a rich personality, Young said in an interview he is not fond of buying expensive cars, watches, and other luxurious possessions.

CAPTION: Park Jin Young enjoying his time

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However, he owns a Luxurious SUV that has a market price higher than $100,000 (USD) in South Korea. Further, he spends his life lavishly, often visiting exotic places for vacations. No doubt, his business will grow internationally, as Young is still active in the entertainment industry.

Notable as well, Park won many awards for his production work in his native Korea.

Park Jin-Young Married, Wife, Ex-wife, Dating, Children, Daughter, Personal Life!

The Successful businessman, Park Jin-Young has been married twice. At 28, he was married to Seo Yoon-Jeong in 1999. Their marriage was going well initially, but later they divorced in 2009.

Having Spent 10 years together with his ex-wife, Park eventually found the right person. As per reports, he married a woman nine years younger than him. The detail information regarding the wedding is confidential till date. However, it is known that the wedding ceremony took place on October 10, 2013, in a simple manner.

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As a loving spouse, Park hasn’t disclosed the name or identity of his wife because of her desire to remain anonymous.

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#JYPbaby 오늘 아침 10시 좀 넘어 딸 아이가 태어났습니다. 어제부터 잠을 못 자 목소리가 엉망이지만 선물을 주고 싶어 만들었어요. 세상 모든 부모님들과 자녀들과 나누고 싶습니다… <꽉 잡은 이손> 꽉 잡은 이 손을 놓을 때까지 내가 너의 곁에 있어 줄테니 자신 있게 뛰고 꿈 꾸렴 my baby 넘어질 때마다 내가 있으니 언젠가 이 손을 놓고 멀리 날아갈 때가 올 거란 걸 알지만 행여 세상이 널 지치게 할 때면 돌아올 곳이 있다는 걸 잊지 마렴 My baby girl came to this world a little over 10am this morning. My voice is gone since I couldn’t sleep from yesterday but wanted to give her a special present. Hope to share this with all the parents and children of the world… <This little hand> Until you let go this hand holding me tight I’ll be by your side So run and dream as much as you want my baby Because everytime you fall I’m here I know one day you’ll let go this hand and fly away But if the world ever makes you fall Never forget you have a place to come back to

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After 5 years marriage, Park and his wife welcomed their first child; a baby daughter on January 25, 2019.

Park Jin-Young Early life and Education

Park Jin-Young was born on December 13, 1971, in Seoul, South Korea under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. His mother’s name is Yoon Im-Ja and father is Park Myung-noh. A South Korean by nationality, he belongs to the Asian ethnic group.

He went to Baemyung High School for his high school certificate and went to Yonsei University where he earned his undergraduate certificate in Geology in 1996

Park Jin-Young Singing Career, Production Company

Park is the first Korean artist to have a successful career in the US. He has produced music for Cassie, Mase, and Will Smith. He has also worked with the legendary Jackie Chan for the relief fund for victims if Chinese earthquake, the project is titled I Love Asia.

Instagram: Park singing in an event;


#????2017 #NaughtyParty2017 D-1…

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Park produced the song Smile Again for the project. He was successful in collaborating with various Korean Artist for the song. The song went to become a hit.

Park also is the first Korean to rank on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2009 Chart. His song Nobody with Wonder Girls reached at 76 number.

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The year 2011 and 2012 proved to be very fruitful for Park. His song No Love No More and Someone Else; which was in collaboration with Brown Eyed Girls’ Gal In. The song was ranked number two on the Gaon Digital Chart and sold more than one million copies. On 28th April 2012, he released You’re the One which charted number 3 and sold over 1.5 million copies.

Youtube: Park collaborating with Conan;

In 2015 Park out charted Miss A from the first position in the Korean Charts by his song Who’s Your Mama? Which featured Lucky J’s Jessi. In the same year Park also released his next song I’m So Sexy at the Infinite Challenge Yeongdong Expressway Music Festival.

In 2016, Ji-young released a song with Conan O’Brien, the song was released on Conan’s YouTube channel team coco.

CAPTION: Park in Dream high
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Park Ji-young has also acted in Dream High, Dream High 2, and Five Million Dollar Man.

Park Jin-Young Controversies

Recently Park was accused of being affiliated with Salvation Sect, a Korean religious cult. Park has denied the accusations saying”100 people gathered to hear my lecture, and out of those, a few people from the ‘Salvation Sect’ came and sat down because they said they wanted to hear my lecture, and you’re saying it’s a Salvation Sect meeting?”

Songwriter, Kim Sin-il filed a copyright-plagiarism lawsuit against Park for copying the music from her song, To My Man. The case was for 110 million won. The case reached to the Supreme Court of Korea where the verdict was given in support of Park.