Most admired actress, playwright, and theatre director who is recognized for her various roles in the films, Tres Noches de un sabado, Chahimba, Gloria and Casa de remoliendra is none other than, Paulina Garcia. Similarly, she is the winner of several awards like APES, Altazor, Platino, and Festival de Cinema de Gramado.

Narcos actress, Paulina is happily married to a woman, Gonzalo Salamanca. The husband and wife have two children from their relationship, named, Maria Gracia Salamanca and Camilo Salamanca.

Paulina Garcia Early Life and Education

Better known by the name of Pali Garcia, Paulin was born on November 27, 1960, in Santigo, Chile. Regarding her nationality, she is Chilean and belongs to white ethnicity.

The talented actress, Paulina first attended the Pontifical Catholic University where she studied acting. From there she completed her education with a degree in theatre arts and later did diplomas in theatre direction and writing.

Paulina Professional Career

Before making an onscreen appearance, Paulina made her debut at Catholic University’s Theatre in the year of 1983. As well as, she portrayed in a play, Donde estara la Jeanette? for which she earned an APES Award for being best actress. A year later, she then appeared in the television series, Los titeres as a role of Adriana Godan.

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Afterward, Paulina consecutively portrayed various roles in different movies and television series. Besides that, she also taught acting at the University of Chile, the University of Development and Univesity for the Arts, Science, and Communication.

The gorgeous actress gained a huge appreciation from her fans after appearing in the popular television series, Narcos as a role of Hermilda Gaviria, the mother of slain cocaine. At that time, she portrayed along with several actors such as Wagner Moura, Pedro Pascal, Andre Mattos, Luis Guzman and many others.

Narcos Actress, Paulina Garcia and the mother of cocaine, Hermilda Gaviria. Narcos Actress, Paulina Garcia and the mother of cocaine, Hermilda Gaviria.

So far, the beautiful woman has won numerous awards till the date for her amazing acting talents. Some of her awards are listed below.


  • APES Award- Donde estara la Jeanette? – 1983
  • APES Award- Carcel de Mujeres- 2008
  • Altazor Awards- En la Sangre- 2005
  • Altazor Awards- Carcel de Mujeres- 2008
  • Silver Bear for Best Actress- Gloria- 2013
  • Platino Awards- Gloria- 2014
  • Festival de Cinema de Gramado- Las Analfabetas- 2014

Narcos actress, Paulina Garcia award winning photo. Narcos actress, Paulina Garcia award winning photo.

Paulina is one of the renown Chilean actresses of the present time. Currently, she has appeared in the films named, The Desert Bride and besides that, she has involved in other works.

Paulina Personal life

Aged 56, Paulina is a married woman. She married to her handsome boyfriend, Gonzalo Salamanca in 1994. The couple is blessed with two children named Maria Gracia Salamanca, and Camilo Salamanca. Prior to Gonzalo, she was married to Juan Carlos Zagal. However, their relationship did not last for a long time and ended with divorce.

Currently, Paulina resides with her husband and children. Similarly, they have maintained their relationship solid as till the date there is no any sign of their separation.

Paulina Net Worth

As an established actress, Paulina has able to collect thousands of money from her acting professions. As of now, she has played in several movies and television series and has won numerous awards. All of those has helped her to boost her net worth. As of 2017, her net worth is under review but seeing her personality; she must have a net worth in six figures.