The Woman accredited for the making of ‘The Rock’ Dany Garcia is the face who manifested the current blooming career of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Her extraordinary managing skills combined with Dwayne’s muscular power let them build an empire.

But what went wrong with this mogul of a duo? Today, we will reveal all about the inside details of Dany’s and Dwayne’s marriage and we will also explore Dany’s current relationship.

Dany Garcia and Husband Dwayne Johnson Marriage

The story of Dany and Dwayne starts from the time when they met at college. They both were undergraduate students at the University of Miami. Dwayne was 18 at the time and Dany was three years his senior.

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Dwayne was a football star for the university and no doubt that he was successful in wooing Dany with his athletic charm. And Dany being a finance student she already envisioned an empire that she could build around Dwayne figure. He was well liked, charming, talented and no sigh of brutishness that is stereotypically connected with a football player. 

After dating for a couple of years Dany and Dwayne got married on May 3, 1997. Together the power couple was successful in building a business worthy of their effort. Through Dany’s excellent managing skills and Dwayne’s family name in the wrestling world, he entered in WWF/E and rest is history which is known to all of us.

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From the brute and unyielding arena of wrestling to Hollywood mainstream movie till Disney movie. He showed dominance in wrestling and grace on the screen. He was an instant idol and a figure to strive for almost all the young population of the era.

Wife Dany and Husband Dwayne divorce

After 17 years of marriage with a year of trying to mend the leakage in the relationship, they decided to quit their marriage. But the divorce was unlike any that Hollywood had ever seen. It was pleasant, lacking all the drama and pandemonium that is seen in other cases. There was no alimony and their daughter’s, Simone, custody was joint.

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Even after the divorce Dany and Dwayne remained a business partner and are till date. She is still manager and is on very friendly terms with each other.

Dany and Dave relationship

Dave Rienzi is no other than Dwayne’s personal trainer. Dave and Dany met each other during Dwayne’s sessions with Rienzi. After Dany got divorced, she began dating Dave and the couple soon got married in 2014.

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Dave and Dany are very much in love and we can see Dany sharing her husband’s pictures with many loveable captions.

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