The American actress, Rebecca King-Crews who has a total estimated net worth of around $9 million, has been married to famous actor and former American football player, Terry Crews for more than two and a half decade and still going strong together.

The stunning actress who has won the millions of heart of heart with her extraordinary performance once came to highlight for her argument with husband, Terry Crews for not having sex for the three months. Ok, let’s find out about their argument on this particular topic and also get to know all detail regarding their marital life.

Rebecca King-Crews’ argument with husband Terry

As we all know that, physical relationship is the basic need of every living being. Sometimes not having a physical relationship may lead to bad actions. Actress Rebecca once said that she was about to divorce with husband, Terry for not being physical. As per Rebecca, she was very hurtful and angry with her partner but later on, all the matter was sorted out and helped to be closer.

[ CAPTION: Rebecca King-Crews with her husband Terry Crews][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

And listening to the Terry, he describes the situation as abstaining the sex for three months to make their relationship stronger which really helped him and his wife to be closer.

As per Terry’s interview with the Huffington Post, besides sex, they have lived their life as a good partner. According to him, everyman desires of intimacy from their partner but, you are not watching porn. “You’re looking for someone to know you and love you at the same time.”

Rebecca King-Crews and Terry Crews: Married life

Actress Rebecca is married to Terry Crews on July 29, 1990. However, the other detail regarding their wedding days has not been disclosed yet. The couple has already celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary and many more to go together.

[ CAPTION: Rebecca King-Crews and Terry Crews on theri wedding days ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

If we view Rebecca on her social media profile, we can see her love for her husband. As we go through all the post, the couple seems to very romantic with each other. They use to spent quality time in their off days and go to most of the event together. Have a look at some of the picture of the couple as it has described all the love between them still now.

[ CAPTION: Rebecca King-Crews with her husband Terry Crews ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]
[ CAPTION: Rebecca King-Crews with her husband Terry Crews ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Rebecca King-Crews mother of five

Talking about Rebecca’s children, she has given birth to a total number of five. She and her husband Terry gave birth to their first child as a daughter, Azriel in the year 1990. After the nine-year of there born they welcomed there the second daughter, Tera in 1999. In 2004 they welcomed a daughter, Winfrey, and son, Isaiah in 2007.

[ CAPTION: Rebecca King-Crews with her husband Terry Crews and the ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]
[ CAPTION: Rebecca King-Crews with her husband Terry Crews and children ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Not only that, Rebecca also has a daughter, Naomi Buton-Crews born in 1989 from her previous relationship with Charles Burton. And she is also a grandmother of Miley Crews form her daughter Naomi. In 2016 there was some news of Rebecca and her husband trying to adopt the sixth child.

Currently, the family of six is residing in Michigan. Although having ups and downs the couple has always supported each other. The has been stronger than before.