An American cartoonist, animated director, Rebecca Sugar is also a screenwriter and a songwriter as well. She is best known for the series, Steven Universe. Rebecca is in relation with a writer, Ian Jones-Quarte.

Early Life & Education

Born on 9th July 1987 in Silver Spring Maryland, U.S., Rebecca was raised by her parents, Helen Rea and Rob Sugar in her birth place along with her brother Steven Sugar.

She attended Montgomery Blair High School for her schooling. Later on, she learned Visual Arts at Albert Einstein High School, where she was the art-semifinalist in the Presidential Scholar competition and won Montgomery Country’s prestigious Ida F. Hamimovicz Visual Arts Award. Furthermore, she went to the School of Visual Arts, in New York.

Rebecca photoshoot
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Before entering into the professional career, she was the producer and a composer in 2008. She firstly started from The Adventure Time in 2010. Adventure time is all about a human boy, Finn and his adoptive brother, Jack and a best friend, Dog. They combinedly protect the citizen of the Ooo, the land of various sizes and shapes. Her hard work and dedication, helped her to promote to a story based artist. Sugar won Emmy Award and was nominated for Annie Award for the series, Adventure Time.

A Picture of Rebecca’s animated series, The Adventure Time.
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Besides, she also created the series, Steven Universe: Attack the Lights in 2015. Plus, Sugar designed the cover album for, True Romance and she is also known from her comic series, Don’t Cry for Me. Her videos in youtube grabbed thousands of viewers. Rebecca wrote a song, Everything Stars for the 7th season of Stakes, an animated series. She also wrote books which remained unpublished.

Steven Universe

Rebecca Sugar is the creator of Steven Universe. Like as to every project, Sugar also did the same by drawing random drawings that come to her mind. Most of the character of this series is related to the people of her life. The character, Steven from the series is inspired by her brother, Steven that portrays his childhood. Sugar gave a shape to the story focusing on the things she loved the most about her brother, Steven. As per Sugar, things must be loved by the creator herself to make love by the audience.

A picture of Steven Universe with all main lead characters.

One of her favorite character in the series is Paradox. It is because that the character is made through the team effort so, it reflect the whole team members. The cartoon is being one of the favorites among kids as well as the youngster too. She is being an inspiration for all.

Personal Life

As per the sources, she was announced bi-sexual.The famous cartoonist, Rebecca is dating, his boyfriend, Ian Jones-Quartey since 2016, February. He was the director of Steven Universe and best known for co-creating online series, NockFORCE. As per Sugar’s Instagram, they are spending much of time together and having a grat time. There are no such rumors about their separation and marriage.

Net Worth

Rebecca has a net worth of $500,000. She is earning much from her series, and the drawings too. Rebecca has a comfortable life from her earnings from Cartoon Network. She is the first women to start cartoons on Cartoon Network.