Have you ever been a fan of reality TV shows? Or a home remodeling then you might be familiar with TV show Rehab Addict host Nicole Curtis.


Curtis’s successful career and her Net worth are also a most talked about topic, other than her divorce story, her show, and beauty. So today we are going to talk about Nicole Curtis’ net worth and express her career on today’s issue. So, let’s explore the net worth of Rehab Addict’s host’s net worth.

Nicole Curtis’s Net Worth, Income, Earning, Salary

Nicole Curtis is one of the hottest TV show hosts who earns a huge amount of money from her show. She has been very actively working as the Television producer and has achieved massive popularity from her show. Rehab Addict host’s Nicole Curtis current net worth is $5 to 7 million.

[ CAPTION: Nicole Curtis ][ SOURCE: popsugar ]

Nicole has been hired by Rehab Addict show for more than individual episodes than any other show. Her individual speaking fee is the highest while her afternoon with the Detroit native will cost you a minimum of $30000 and a max of $50,000. 

[ CAPTION: Nicole Curtis ][ SOURCE: popsugar ]

Beautiful Nicole is new to the game but she has already caught up in terms of followers, viewers, and cash. Curtis has gained 212,000 Instagram followers and 1.3 million “Rehab Addict” viewers across the years.

Nicole is also interested in traveling. She loves traveling different places with her child. Along with that she also maintains her own business of decorations and furnishes.

So most of her net worth is obtained from her own business and add some amount to her net worth career in TV too.

Nicole Curtis Seized Home

The 38 years old Nicole has purchased an old home for $2 million in November 2012. The bought required her to complete construction on the home within the year and provide general updates to the city of Minneapolis.

[ CAPTION: Nicole Curtis ][ SOURCE: Country Living magazine ]

After a year later the home was not finished and city officials may seize it. Where has her neighbor’s has also protested that nothing has been done and are fed up with the home’s appearance?

[ CAPTION: Nicole Curtis ][ SOURCE: Starcasm ]

She hosted a fundraiser at the home to raise money for a fellow with cancer and charged people $5 to see what it looked like before its renovated. Curtis has not publicly expressed about the issues related to the home or when she will complete the renovations.

Nicole Curtis’ Career 

If we are talking about the job Curtis’s does, She is an interior designer along with that she is a licensed realtor and a host. She started to pursue a career in renovating old structures.

She is known to have an intense knowledge of the architecture house and involved in reassembling the old houses rather creating the new one.

[ CAPTION: Nicole Curtis ][ SOURCE: WCCO ]

The proficient designer founded a foundation named Nicole Curtis Foundation which collects fund for a charity for diverse purposes. It supports the people suffered from the disease, cancer and wounded American soldiers.