Nicole Curtis is an American TV producer and actress. Among her productions, she is known for shows Rehab Addict and DIY.


Although she is quite successful in her career, she does not seem that successful when it comes to marital affairs. Nicole Curtis was once married to Steve Lane but divorced only after a few years. So is she still in touch with her ex-hubby?

Nicole Curtis Dated Her Ex-Husband Steve Lane While in College

Honestly, we do not know how is her relationship with her ex-hubby as she maintains a low profile. But she is definitely not on good terms with the father of her child, Harper. Nicole has been in a legal battle with her ex-boyfriend, Shane Maguire for her son’s custody for nearly two years now.

[ CAPTION: Nicole with her ex-boyfriend, Shane Maguire ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Everything we know about Nicole is what has Nicole chosen to share, else she is not the sharing type. If you don’t believe us, then try searching a picture of Nicole’s ex-husband, Steve Lane.

As mentioned, Nicole is a low key person. We do not know the date she got married to her ex-husband, Steve Lane. However, we do know that they were college sweethearts and that Nicole had her first child before she got married.

[ CAPTION: Nicole ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

After a few years into their marriage, Nicole and her husband separated in 2009. So it’s not like she did not try but it appears marriage is not her thing. Nicole admits her life is not perfect.

Since she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Nicole knows the value of money. Curtis is a very hard working woman. In fact, she has added every brick to her house on her own. The DIY producer told, being poor in a way helped in shaping her career.

When you have money, you don’t have to be creative. I love garage sale finds, I love vintage furniture.

[ CAPTION: Nicole ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

More than her career, Nicole loves her two sons. She has a teenage son, Ethan from her ex-husband, Lane and toddler, Harper with her ex-partner, Shane. Do you know Nicole is also a real estate agent? In fact, the HGTV star used to be a real estate agent long before she produced her own TV shows.

[ CAPTION: Nicole ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

No arguing in that she enjoys a successful career yet not everything is complete in her life. The 41-year-old home improvement expert told in an interview that she would give anything to have a loving and supporting husband.

We sincerely hope Nicole finds one soon. But Nicole wants her future husband to be like her grandfather as she told,

For a man to say that about me, yeah, I would be hook, line, and sinker but it hasn’t happened. You’ve got to be as great a man as my Gramps.

[ CAPTION: Nicole ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The TV producer and actress is also a writer. Recently she wrote a book, Better Than New: Lessons I’ve Learned from Saving Old Homes (And How They Saved Me) in which she has shared her untold story. So if you want to know her story, you should grab one.