The rewards of Oak Island’s supposed treasure might be greater than Marty and Rick Lagina (and the rest of their The Curse of Oak Island team). But, the cost of digging into the home Money Pit’s mysterious home is in millions.

So, lets’ read the articles about Rick and Marty Lagina brothers net worth and how both brothers make their income? Today, we dive deep into the financial support of Oak Island’s and reveal who could cover most of the cost.

Rick and Marty Lagina’s Net worth, Salary

The Rick and Marty Lagina’s net worth has grown substantially since the start of production on The Curse of Oak Island. When the program was originally broadcast in 2014, Rick had a net worth of $500,000 and Marty a net worth of $2 million. Those amounts grew during the 4 seasons of the show. As of 2019, Rick’s net worth is estimated at $2 million, and Marty’s is nearly $100,000.

CAPTION: Rick and Marty Lagina

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Without a doubt, Rick and Marty Lagina lives an extravagant life with their family. As of 2019, both of them on History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island, they seek the treasure/artifacts that may be buried in the Oak island with the help of global experts and modern technology.

How does The star Curse of Oak Island star make their income?

The star Curse of Oak Island star makes their income from The Curse of Oak Island. Let’s talk about the brother’s history related to Oak Island how they started their business.

At the age of 11 years old, Rick’s became interested in the treasure of Oak Island then he became fascinated by the thought of treasure being buried on the island. After that, Rick and Marty’s dad showed them an article in The Wall Street Journal about Oak Island then the boys remained interested in the treasure and legends that surrounded it.

The Lagina brothers own of Oak Island

After having an interest, both Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina visited the island to search for the treasure and investigate. They started a tour company that leads guests through the mysterious, articles and tours of Oak Island’s, including the Money Pit and Borehole 10-X.

However, the tour includes a small museum but doesn’t allow guests to see or photograph the“War Room which most likely contains mysterious artifacts found on the island.

CAPTION: The Curse of Oak Island

SOURCE: cheatsheet

Rick and Marty started preparing for The Curse of Oak Island in 2012. It was difficult to obtain the necessary work permits in Canada. The brothers managed to get the right permits, so they could start the reality show and start looking for the lost treasure of Oak Island.

Oak Island Investors

In addition to personal investment and network investment, Rick and Marty Lagina ( the rest of the Oak Island treasure hunters) are likely to have some financial support from investors outside the immediate circle of the show. Those interested in Oak Island and its potential treasure could see the value of financing some of the excavation and thus, cut the team a check to push their efforts along.

Marty owns a vineyard and wind turbine company

With a perceived net worth of around $100 million, Marty Lagina has made a name and fame in the business world. In addition to his connection to Oak Island Tours Incorporated, Marty’s owns a vineyard in Traverse City, Michigan and a green energy wind turbine company.