We all know, boyfriend, Roger Bart, and his girlfriend, Trisha Paytas had their relationship destroyed in 2015, but do we know the reason of their break up? Did the singers get enough of each other that they had to break up? They looked good together, didn’t they?


We have compiled all of Trisha’s dating histories in one small place. Roger Bart and Trisha Paytas’s Relationship status, their past and current relationships, all in one place.

Roger Bart and Ex-Girlfriend Trisha Paytas Breakup

Roger Bart and Trisha Bart started their relationship in March 2013. But, they broke up after two and a half years of being together. The actress, Trisha separated with the Desperate Housewives actor, Roger Bart in October 2015. The reason? 

CAPTION: Trisha Paytas and partner Roger Bart

In what is called to be a desperate situation, the YouTuber claimed, she had been warned about Roger’s cheating methods but she did not take any of their advice. Trish confronted Roger but, he cruelly replied that the former do a favor for him by never contacting him again. So, does it mean that Trish was played?

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Trisha got played 

Got Played?

With all the mixed feelings, Trisha criticized Roger publicly in her YouTube and Twitter posts. For that, a social forum had its users furious with the way Trisha slandered Roger. All of the fans and followers of the forum had comments on the way she vented out her personal drama to the world. 

CAPTION: Trisha Paytas crying
SOURCE: Twitter

Why did their relationship end and how it was, is still a big mystery for us! But, it’s totally clear that the ex-couple have really bad terms altogether. The Vlogger kept talking ill of the actor repeatedly.

Trisha Paytas Current and Past Relationship

Trisha Paytas has had several romantic relationships before Roger Bart came into his life and also has several relationships with him. The recent of her boyfriend being Aaron Carter with whom she just had a night. 

CAPTION: Trisha Paytas & Aaron Carter
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Trisha has dated a total of 9 guys starting her love life with Nic Nemeth. After him, she has spent her days with David Lipper, Phil Varone, Anthony Michael Hall, Dale DaBone, and Crispin Glover. The longest relationship she had was with Anthony Michael Hall as she dated him for 5 years.

CAPTION: Trisha Paytas with Crispin Glover
SOURCE: Whosdatedwho

Before him, she dated Sean Van Der Wilt. He was also found to be cheating on her with other girls. With her break up with Sean, the YouTuber came up with a video that said that the actress is actually a gay.

Whatever be the reason, with the break-up, the actress has come to realize that she was a gay and loved ladies more. So it’s a win-win situation for her too, don’t you think?