Hope you all have heard the name, Rondy Scott Carrington. If you have not, then he is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and country music artist who has released six major-label studio albums and a greatest-hits package, on Mercury Records and Capitol Records.


As in this topic, we are going to talk about his former wife and their divorced, Let’s scroll down to get a closer look at his personal life.

Rodney Carrington and wife Terri Carrington Divorced

Well, the couple were very happy with their married life, but sadly they couldn’t continue their relationship and Rodney martial life even without any rumors about secret affair affairs hit the rock bottom and saw its end.

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In 2012, Rodney divorced his wife of 18 years, and after they formally separated Rodney started making a lot of divorced jokes on his show in which he said that his relationship was his best-tired work.

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Now, let’s move down to know about Rodney’s Married life and his children.

Rodney Married life

Well, Rodney Carrington and Terri Carrington first met in their college life they soon turned into a couple in a relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend, when Rondy purposed Terri.

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In 1994, after dating for a long time, they decided to get married to each other and they wed with a participation of his family and friends. While the couple has three children and Rodney didn’t like being away from his wife.

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So, let’s scroll down know about Rodney and Terry children.

Rondy Carrington Children

Rodney and his wife Terri gave birth to three children together named Zac Carrington who is 22 years old, Sam Carrington who is 20 years old, and George Carrington who is 17 years old.

Despite three lovely children, a perfect life and beautiful wife, Rodney was destined to make the whole world his family but it looks as if he lost his tress back home. Whatever be it, we wish all Carrington family a very happy Christmas 2017 and hope they get together for a good family time together, once again.