Well, we all might be familiar with the name Rush Limbaugh, an American radio talk show host and conservative political commentator who is the current host of, The Rush Limbaugh Show. He has won the heart of millions of people by his amazing hosting talents, who are looking forward to knowing about his net worth and properties. So, you might be one of them.


Do you want to know what Rush Limbaugh’s net worth is?  How much he earns and what is his net worth status? So stay tuned to know about his net worth, assets, career, salary and much more.

Rush Limbaugh Net worth and Salary

In 2001, Rush marked an agreement to have the show, The Rush Limbaugh Show. According to the agreement of eight-year, Limbaugh would obtain 31.25 million consistently and an amount of $250,000,000.

In the same year of the contract, he reported publically that he went totally deaf. Afterward, he increased quite a bit of his hearings with the assistance of cochlear implant around the same time.

[ CAPTION: Rush Limbaugh ][ SOURCE: Robert Feder ]

From his total earnings, Limbaugh regularly donates cash to several charitable organizations. And also supports Annual Rush Limbaugh Cure-A-Thon and also to a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He gave $15,000,000 to the Society as yearly pledge drive of 2000-2005 and 2007. Likewise, in 2007, his earnings reached up to $33 million from the show.

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Moreover, he marked a $400 million contract for the eight-year contract in 2008 with Clear Channel. And the yearly pay of Limbaugh in 2008 was $38,000,000 where he gave $400,000 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

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In 2009, He earned a sum of $55 million, Moreover, from his total earning, he and his wife pledged $100,000 to MC-LEF.

We can easily notice that Rush earning is rapidly increasing every year. In 2015, he earned a total of $79 million. He has an estimated net worth of $470 million in 2016 and annual salary was $79 million.

Youtube: Rush Limbaugh’s Epic Post Election Meltdown;

All things considered, his present total assets are more than $500 million which is absolutely a fortune net worth. This is why Limbaugh is viewed as one of the richest TV and radio host.

Rush Limbaugh House and collection

The 67 years old famous radio host, Rush Limbaugh recently resides in Palm Beach, Floride, the United States which consist of five different houses.

He lives in one of the beautiful mansions which feature the elevator,7 bedrooms, and 12 bathrooms along with a huge swimming pool. The mansion covers the area of 24000 square feet. Nevertheless, other four houses are for the guests.

Youtube: Rush Limbaugh’s Palm Beach Home;

The recent value of the house is $26 million. Likewise, he brought two Penthouse Apartments worth $2,700,000 in 2009 as a wedding present for his wife, Kathryn Rogers.

Limbaugh tied a knot to his three years dated girlfriend, Kathryn Rogers on 5th June 2010. On their wedding, he spent almost $1 million for entertaining purpose.

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Rush Limbaugh Cars and Jet

Limbaugh owns his private Jet Gulfstream G550 which he bought for $54,000,000 in 2013.

[ CAPTION: Rush Limbaugh jet ][ SOURCE: The Dawg Shed ]
[ CAPTION: Talented host and political commentator’s Maybach 57 S ][ SOURCE: Notjustrich ]

Moving on to his cars collection,  he owns a Maybach 57S which cost $450,000 which he bought in 2013. He further keeps the garage full of different cars.