There are many people who have been making good name and fame from YouTube with Cooking videos or Funny videos or song covers. Among them, Shane Lee Dawson is one name who has made YouTube as his workstation. Shane lee Dawson represents himself as an actor, sketch comedian, songwriter, American YouTube personality and film director. He was born on 19th July 1988 at Long Beach, California, United States. He is popular for inventing funny videos, recruiting many characters and parody of famous music videos and the television programs. He has given most of his production with the major support of Lauren Schnipper.


ShaneDawson TV, his Youtube Channel, happens to be the most subscribed and viewed with 7million subscribers and 1.1billion views during 2015 December.  Shane has stepped ahead on his music career by releasing six singles and numerous parodies of music videos. He introduced his first movie named “Not Cool “.

 “A lot of people think about careers being the ultimate goal when they grow up. They want to make a lot of money or they want to be rich and famous. When I grow up I want to be something I never had. I want to be a dad. I dont know what job I’m gonna have or how much money I’m gonna make. But I know for fact my kid is gonna have more love than anyone on this planet and thats all I want.”

Shane Dawson, born and raised in Long Beach, California, the place he went to Lakewood high school. As a teenager, he might have been overweight furthermore might have been demolished by his alcoholic, abusive father, who inevitably Relinquished his family. Additionally, as they have been poor What’s more he used to get tormented due to this. He since then lost 150 pounds (68 kg). He initial turned and he intrigued on creating videos. He is of English, Welsh, Swedish and Dutch descent.


Shane Dawson made his first YouTube channel during March 10, 2008. He uploaded videos such as Houdini's Street Magic, his self-pole dancing, a video with eight people in it including his brother and mother, Fred Is Dead etc. Fred is Dead was being most viewed video with over 23 million viewers. He started using his channels in collaboration with other youtube artists such as Trisha Paytas, Joey Graceffa , Taylor, The Fine Bros, Drew Monson , IJustin, and BrittaniLouise.He was named The 25th most popular web celebrity by Forbes Magazines on 2010.

Shane Dawson  was a man with a soft corner for animals. He has got four dogs namely Unicorn, Charlie, Miley and Chocolate; and two cats namely Muffins and Snoop. He made these pets appear in most of his videos before he moved with his previous girlfriend, Lisa Schwartz. He now stays in Hollywood California. Later he got separated from Lisa Schwartz after his three years of relationship with her and he disclosed himself to be bisexual (attracted to men and women both) through his main music channel “ShanedawsonTV”. Well, even it was on the news that he had Body Dysmorphic Disorder. For more information and update about him, get subscribed to Youtube  and get updated with the latest news and videos.