With being together to being separated, being in love with being in hate, no one knows what happens in the future. You love someone now and hate the same person in distant future. You hate someone and fight continuously now and again, in the distant future, you come to love them.


One of such stories is of the Real Housewives of Orange County actress, Shannon Beador and the owner of Beador Construction Inc., David Beador.

They were in love but, now they hate each other. They are currently in a battle for divorce. But, why did the actress file a divorce against the entrepreneur? What happened to the love between them? Don’t they want to live together like before? Know why Shannon Beador separated from David Beador in the coming paragraphs.

Divorce: Shannon and David Beador

After a relationship of 17 years, Shannon and David have broken up. They officially filed a divorce lawsuit on Friday, 1st December 2017. The couple has a total of 3 daughters, 15-year old Sophie and 12-year old twins Adeline and Stella.

The couple announced their parting in October 2017 to People.com. In an interview, the actress told them that the news was even heartbreaking for herself and her daughters. The actress also stated that the star had been feeling alone in her long marriage and could not do anything more to save her family.

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 The couple had rumors of separation since November 2017. An insider told the media that the marriage had been a miserable experience for Shannon and tried everything she could.

David wanted to quit his marriage but Shannon held on. However, it was not enough and finally, she decided what’s best for her kids.

Who asked for a divorce? Sharon or David?

Recently, it has come to news that the co-founder of the Beador Construction Inc. asked for the divorce. In the Bravo Special, the actress revealed that her husband was the one who wanted to end their long relation of 17years. She wanted a different story and he wanted another.

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Likewise, another tabloid site suggests that the “divorce talk” happened between the couple after returning back from a holiday trip to Hawaii. Husband David told Shannon that their relationship had just a couple of good months and told her that it was over. For her husband’s harsh words, the actress really felt a sharp knife rip through her heart.

[ CAPTION: Shannon and David in Hawaii ][ SOURCE: daily mail ]

Shannon still has a huge feeling for her husband, it seems. The actress tried to save the relationship but, it did not work out. Let’s just hope that Shannon gets out of the trauma pretty quickly.