Quick Facts Stelle Ciccone

  • NameStelle Ciccone
  • Birth NameStelle Ciccone
  • Birth Year2012
  • Birth month8
  • Father Adam Mwale
  • NationalityAmerican
  • Birth PlaceAmerica
  • ProfessionStudent
  • Net Worth$850 Million(Mother's)

Stelle Ciccone is the adopted daughter of the famous singer, songwriter, and actress Madonna. She and her twin sister Estere were adopted from a Malawian orphanage called Home of Hope when they were only four years old. Madonna had previously adopted two children from Malawi before adopting the twins in 2017.

Madonna had earlier adopted two other kids from Malawi on two separate occasions, before adopting the twins in 2017. Stelle is having a blast as the daughter of a famous celebrity. Unfazed by the fame, she is just like any other little girl enjoying her wonderful childhood and the privileges that come with being Madonna’s child.

Birth and Early Life of Stelle Ciccone

Stelle Ciccone was born on August 24, 2012, in Malawi, along with her twin sister, Estere Ciccone. Their parents were Adam Mwale and Patricia. Sadly, Patricia passed away shortly after giving birth due to complications from the cesarean section. As a result, Stelle and Estere were left without a mother.

Estelle Ciccone and her sister
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Their father, Adam Mwale, felt unable to take care of the twins at such a young age and made the difficult decision to place them in the Home of Hope, which is located outside the Malawian capital, Lilongwe.

The Home of Hope is an orphanage that provides shelter and care for children who have lost their parents or have been abandoned. This is where Stelle and Estere spent their early childhood before being adopted by Madonna

Estere Ciccone Lives A Lavish Lifestyle Because Of Her Mother

Stelle and her sister have been raised in a wealthy and privileged lifestyle, with Madonna covering all their expenses. While Stelle is still very young and not yet pursuing a career, she has been exposed to the entertainment industry through her mother and has attended several red-carpet events with her.

Madonna owns a beautiful house in Miami
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It remains to be seen if Stelle will follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue a career in the entertainment industry, but for now, she is enjoying her childhood in the care of her famous mother. However, Stelle’s mother lives a lavish lifestyle with an estimated net worth of around $900 Million which makes her one of the richest female musicians in the world.

Know About The Relationship History, Status, And Children Of Madonna

Madonna, who is also known as the “Queen of Pop,” has had various romantic relationships with several high-profile individuals, including two former husbands and numerous partners. She has been in the public eye since the early 1980s and has had several long-term relationships, marriages, and brief flings with well-known men. Her romantic history reads like a who’s who of celebrities.

Madonna has been involved in numerous relationships
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Madonna has been in several high-profile relationships throughout her career. She was first married to actor Sean Penn in the 1980s, and then to director Guy Ritchie in the 2000s. She has also dated other notable figures in the entertainment industry, including musician Warren Beatty and baseball player Jose Canseco.

In the early 2000s, she was in a relationship with filmmaker Guy Ritchie. The two of them got married in 2000 and had two children together, Rocco and David. However, the marriage ended in divorce in 2008.

After her divorce from Ritchie, Madonna was in a relationship with dancer Brahim Zaibat, who was 28 years younger than her. The two of them started dating in 2010 and were together for three years before calling it quits in 2013. Since then, Madonna has been linked to several other men, including Timor Steffens and Ahlamalik Williams. However, she has not publicly confirmed any new relationships.

Madonna has six children, including her two adopted children, David and Mercy, and her biological children, Lourdes and Rocco. She also has two twin daughters, Estere and Stella, whom she adopted in 2017. Madonna’s personal life has often been the subject of media scrutiny, with her relationships and parenting choices often making headlines.

Stelle’s Biological Parents Couldn’t Carter for Her Needs as a Toddler

Stelle’s background was not without its challenges, as her biological parents, particularly her small-time farmer father Adam Mwale, were unable to cater to her needs as a toddler. Although the occupation of her biological mother is unknown, it is presumed to be insignificant.

Madonna with all her children
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Given that the couple already had five children before having the twins, it was understandable that her father had to place Stelle and her sister in an orphanage until they were old enough to join the family.

This practice of housing motherless babies in orphanages is common in Africa, particularly in the absence of a supportive extended family structure. However, this decision by Stelle’s biological father turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it was in the same orphanage that Madonna encountered Stelle and her twin sister, and subsequently adopted them.

Stelle’s Limited Social Media Presence

At present, Stelle’s only social media presence is on Instagram, which she shares with her twin sister, Estere. Madonna, or her team, manages the account, which is filled with pictures and videos of the twins enjoying their lives. The account features their daily activities, from birthday celebrations to holiday and vacation trips, and their general shenanigans.

While the twins’ social media presence is public, they lead a mostly private life. Madonna has expressed concern about the impact of technology on her family’s intimate life and has therefore restricted access to phones and other gadgets for her kids.

Madonna even praised their occasional stay in Malawi, where they can disconnect from the world and enjoy nature and family time without distraction. As a result, Stelle’s limited social media presence is unlikely to change anytime soon.