When it comes to the news industry, there are thousands of journalist who are working day and night, risking their lives and serving the news industry with the quality of news. It is our duty to respect those people who literally worth of getting a salute. Since we have one small world, the boundaries and territories is just a general word but people residing under and has huge talent most be well treated and should be remembered for their work. In such list, Susanne Latimore is one of the beautiful names whose work and contribution towards the Sky News Australia is worth remembering. Serving as the pioneer of the network, Susanne Latimore bio can be taken as a sensational example for the many people who want to create something magical in the similar field.


Born and raised in Australia, Susanne Latimore is one of the successful journalists of the Australian news industry. Not disclosing most of her early childhood memos, she was always been fascinated with the lights of the journalism sector. With high ambition and strong determination, she has the record of engaging herself in the field of journalism from the age of 19 as a cadet journalist in Blacktown Guardian newspaper. After some experience, she quickly transferred herself into The Hills News in Sydney and also served Sydney Radio station 2WS as general duties reporter back in the days.

Susanne Latimore came into high existence with the launch of Sky News Australia in the year 1996. Joining the network after its launch, she represents herself as the founding member of the organization. Starting her career there as a presenter, currently, she is running First Edition in weekends along with Terry Willesee. With all these years of honesty with the network, she has been receiving a huge amount of salary for her contribution which has helped to gather Susanne Latimore net worth in millions of dollars.

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Coming to Susanne Latimore husband, marital news and her personal information, there is no doubt that this utmost beauty might have engaged herself in a number of relationship in the past. But these things has been well kept and hidden from all the public. Susanne who likes to talk very less has not disclosed anything about her personal status. There is no proper source which can say anything about her marital life. It looks like she has been married and has children but she has been successful in keeping them out of the media.

Describing her utmost beauty and Susanne Latimore height and weight, the shy persona has been successful in hiding almost all information about her. Representing herself as the charm of the industry, there’s no wonder that she has been blessed with marvelous body structure. Despite her quality news service, she is best to reckon for her soothing hot sexy legs and feet. Looking best in all kinds of dress, Susanne Latimore bikini pictures are quite hard to resist. Hiding most of her account, Susanne height, and other body facts is well hidden. Looking at her appearance, we can guess that she might have the weight of around 5 feet 9 inch followed by the weight of around 60 kg. Recording her age, she has also not disclosed anything about it, but she must be running on her late forties. But aging is very far away from her life.