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Mark Shields Biography

Mark Shield is widely known as American Political Commentator on the PBS News Hour. He served as a Political Columnist for Washington and also for CNN’s Capital Gang. Called as an expert of many Political Campaign, Mark is also an author of the book “On the Campaign Trail”(1985).

Early Years

Mark Shield, now aged 79, was born on May 25, 1937, in Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States. He joined the University of Notre Dame for B.A.  and graduated in Philosophy in 1959. He belongs to an Irish Catholic family and is of “White” ethnicity.

Life & Career

Mark Shield began his career in Politics since 1964 in Washinton D.C. as a congressional aide. Then, Mark Shield worked as an enlisted man in the United States Marine Corps in 1965. Again, in 1968, Shield works for Robert F Kennedy’s( known for 64th U.S. Attorney General)  presidential Campaign. He was also political director for Sargent Shriver, an American politician and activist in 1972. He was a leader in the various political campaign in 38 states which include Ohio Gov. John Gilligan, who won in 1970.

Mark was an editorial writer for “The  Washington Post” in 1979.Also, he began writing a Column which is distributed nationally by ‘Creators Syndicate’ and it is running now for 15 years. He started working on the radio Program “Look at Today” on the ABC (American Broadcasting Company).

Mark has introduced himself as an election analyst for NBC and CBS, covering 12 presidential campaign and appeared on 24 national party convention. He became full- time television Pundit in 1988.  He became more successful after joining  The PBS’s news hour and  CNN’S Capital Gang. Apart from this, he has taught journalism courses at Harvard University and the Wharton School of the “University of Pennsylvania”.

Being a fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy Institute Of Politics, Mark is also an author of the book “On the Campaign Trail”, inspired by 1984 presidential campaign. This book was published on 1985 which highlighted presidential race held in 1984. This book and his writing were praiseworthy and much appreciated by many readers. He is currently working as a journalist in David Brooks of the New York Times.

Personal Life

Mark Shield is living with wife, Anne Hudson Shield, a lawyer and former chief of staff for the Interior Department in Washington. The family currently resides in Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States.

Shield and Anne has a beautiful daughter named Amy Hudson Shield, a television producer. Amy is a graduate of Duke University, who got married to Christopher Cloonan Doyle, a freelance associate producer with the documentary television company in Washington.

Net Worth

Having a solid background and experience, Mark is one of the well-paid media personality as well as the journalist. Mark Shields’ current net worth and exact salary figure are not made public, however, someone as famous as him is no doubt that he is worth over millions of dollars.

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Nigel Farage Biography

Nigel Farage is best known as the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP),(2006-2009) and also from 2010 to 2016. He is also identified as British Politician, broadcaster, and political analyst. He is also popular due to his controversial speeches in the European Parliament and criticism over euro currency. He is also recognized as Contributor of Fox News.

Early Life & Education

Nigel Paul Farage, son of Barbara(nee Stevens) and Guy Justus Oscar Farage, was born on 3rd April 1964 in Downe in Kent, England. His name Farage represents Huguenot ancestors who migrated from German to London in the 19th  Century. His Grandfather, Private Harry Farage was a warrior of World War 1 and his father worked as Stockbroker in City of London. His father left family home when Nigel was only 5 years old.

Nigel Farage Biography | Get to Know more about his Personal Life, Cancer, Fox News, Wife, Children, Speech, Bio, Show, UKIP, Net Worth, Family, Trump, Age

A Throwback of Young Nigel Farag as a School Boy
Source: DailyMail

Nigel Farage admitted at Dulwich College (1975-1982), an independent school in South London. He didn’t join University for further education after leaving School in 1982. He started to work in trading commodities, London Metal Exchange.


Initially, Nigel Farage worked in a brokerage firm, Drexel Burnham Lambert, an American Commodity Operation in 1986. After that, he worked in Refco, New york based financial service company and Natexis Metals, French Corporate and Investment Bank in 1994 and 2003 respectively.

Political Career

Nigel Farage, who has a keen interest in politics since his school days, first joined “Conservative Party”, the political party in the United Kingdom. But, he left the Conservative Party in 1992 and became the founding member of UKIP in 1993. In 1999, he was elected to the European Parliament and also reelected in 2004, 2009 and 2014. Now, he is the leader of the 24-member UKIP contingent in the European Parliament and co-leader of  Europe of freedom and Direct Democracy and multinational Eurosceptic group.

Nigel won with maximum votes and was elected as leader of the UKIP on 12 September 2006. Nigel focussed on maximizing the UKIP’s representation in local, parliamentary and other elections.Nigel Farage mentioned in a speech on UKIP conference on 8 October 2016 that  UKIP was the center ground for British Public Opinion and Real Voice Of Opposition.

Nigel resigned from the leadership of UKIP  on 8 May 2015 due to his failure to get a seat in the General election of “South Thanet”, the constituency represented in the ‘House of Commons’ in UK Parliament. However, he changed his decision and  BBC reported that he will continue as leader of UKIP. In May 2013, UKIP with led Nigel Farage received 23 % of votes in the local election and was ahead Liberal Democrats by 9 points, winning 147 council seats.

Nigel Farage was also engaged in the campaign to become a member of Parliament for Buckingham at Westminster in 2010. During the general election, 2010,  he got 8,401 votes and came third.  In 2014 European Election, he led UKIP to win the highest share of the vote. Since the 1906 election, it was the first time ever to won the popular vote in a national election except for Labour Party and Conservative Party.Nigel also writes an article for The Independent of all places which have influenced some of the readers. He is also a regular contributor of a blog post on He was also active in U.S. presidential Campaign and also regarded as a contributor to Fox News. He is the presenter of LBC.

On 20 April 2017, the former UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage said that he will not run for the 2017 general election. He wrote “I have decided that I will not stand in this election but fight for Brexit in Europe,”  on The Daily Telegraph.


Nigel Farage has been criticized several times due to his controversial statement that he shared with media. His comments during the Leader’s debates, “HIV Positive migrants shouldn’t enter the country” was highly criticized by the charitable organization of HIV/AIDS.

Nigel Farage on Plane Crash

Nigel Farage almost died when he had an accident on May 6, 2010, due to plane crash during election stunt. It made headlines when he survived a terrifying plane crash with non-removable injuries on vertebrae.

The accident occurs in the Hedges airfield, Brackley, Northants along with the Pilot, Justin Adam. According to Nigel, the plane, a Polish Wilgar was like old mini and it was very small that his and pilot’s shoulder brushed out and was uncomfortable. Pilot, Justin suffered from mental illness due to an accident and also suffered from the financial problem. He also threatened Nigel Farage to kill him when Nigel claimed that Justin is the contributor of the accident.

Nigel Farage, UKIP leader was saved alive from terrific plane crash on May 6, 2010 (Source: Telegraph)

The pilot was found dead at 2013 at the age of 48 without any suspects. However, Nigel was fortunate to get a new life after the terrific plane crash.

Achievement and Net Worth

In 2016, Nigel Farage was described as one of the most effective speakers in the Chamber and ranked fifth influential MEP by Politico. Nigel is one of the richest politics personality, who has wages of 64,000 pound yearly. He possesses the property of approx. 5,40,000 pound.However, Nigel has claimed that he is the worst paid politician in British.

Personal Life

Nigel Farage is currently living in London Borough of Bromley and is a member of “Church of England”. He is very fond of fishing and drinking beer alone at night on the Kent Coast.He is also a member of East India Club, widely known for Gentlemen’s club. He has appeared in an advertisement for the bookmaker Paddy Power in Golf’s 2014  Ryder Cup. His favorite game is Cricket and Golf.

Talking about his married life, he has been married twice. His first marriage was with  Grainne  Hayes, an Irish nurse in1988 and had two children, Samuel(1989) and Thomas (1991). The couple separated in 1997.

Soon after, in 1999, he got married to a German national, Kirsten Mehr and are blessed with two daughters, Victoria (2000) and Isabelle (2005).  Kirsten works as the secretary of her husband in European Parliament. Prior to her marriage, she worked as an interpreter for German Bank.

Nigel Farage Biography | Get to Know more about his Personal Life, Cancer, Fox News, Wife, Children, Speech, Bio, Show, UKIP, Net Worth, Family, Trump, Age

Nigel Farage and his wife, Kirsten Farage (right)
Source: Pinterest

Currently, Nigel and Kirsten are living separate, which was confirmed after Kirsten told how her children used to suffer because of  Nigel Farage with Press Association in February 2017. Nigel’s  second marriage also didn’t turn happy ending as fairy tales. Nevertheless, they are not separated officially.

Net Worth

Nigel Farage, who has a successful career as a Politician, Political Analyst and Broadcaster has an estimated net worth of £2.4 million ($3 million USD). Nigel suffered from testicular cancer but was cured in the first stage and is now living healthy and happy life in Single Street, Bromley, London, England.

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Andrea Tantaros Biography

Andreana Kostantina Tantaros is a renowned American political analyst and commentator, known for co-hosting Outnumbered on Fox News Channel. She is also the co-host of 'The Five' since 2011. In August 2016, Tantaros filed a petition against FNC, stating sexual harassment.


Andreana Tantaros is an American conservative political analyst. She currently works as co-host of The Five and Outnumbered on Fox News Channel. She regularly appears on the Fox Business Channel. She also writes a weekly column for the Newsmax and the New York Daily News.

Andreana was born on December 30, 1978, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States. She was born to an immigrant Greek family. When she was in her teen days, she worked as a waitress in her family restaurant named Pied Piper Diner which is near Trexlertown. She studied at Parkland High School and graduated from there in 1997. She then attended Lehigh University and graduated majoring in journalism and French. She also wrote political commentary for her college newspaper. She currently resides in New York City.

Andrea Tantaros


From 2003 to 2005 she lived in Washington, D.C. She served as Press Secretary to Republican leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives while she was working on Capitol Hill. She has also worked on political campaigns for District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, Republican Congressional Committee chairman Thomas Reynolds and former Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld. She was responsible for helping craft and executive the media strategy for the Republican majority while she was working with the House leadership. She also worked for Deputy Press Secretary Senator Pat Toomey and former Reagan Pillster Richard Wirthlin at CNN’s Crossfire. In 2005 she moved to New York City and worked at the Manhattan public affairs firm as a vice president. She then started Andrea Tantaros Media. The company provided crisis management and media strategy consulting to Fortune 500 companies and political campaigns.


In April 2010 she joined Fox News Channel as a political contributor. She has also appeared on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and FOX NEWS. She then debated Juan Williams and Bob Beckel in the political segments as she appeared on the Fox channel. She also has co-hosted on The Five on Fox News. She was represented by William Morris agency. On December 19, 2012, on Talk Radio Network, she announced that Andrea Tantaros co-hosted a national radio talk show with conservative author Jason Mattera. The Network started on January 2, 2013, which was held by Laura Ingraham. The show airs Monday to Friday. On August 12, 2012, Beckel announced that Tantaros would no longer appear during the morning time period on Fox News. She then discontinued her radio program The Andrea Tantaros Show on October 10.


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