Lisa Boothe Biography

( 1997 - )
Lisa Boothe Biography

Facts of Lisa Boothe Biography

Date of Birth: 1997 October 26
Age:20 years old
occupationEntrepreneur, Television Personality, Politics Observer
body_measurement35-25-35 inches
networth$10 million
educationUniversity of Tennessee-Knoxville (BA in Political Science and Government)
place_of_birthWest Virginia
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Lisa Boothe is a Republican strategist, political observer and an entrepreneur, who frequently appears on  Fox Business, CNN as well as Fox News. She is the president and founder of High Noon Strategies, a political communication, and public affairs firm. Boothe has worked with Fortune 500 companies and has a broad experience in policy communications and navigating crisis situations. She is also Fox News Channel and Washington Examiner contributor where she shows a capacity to gives a message and win every debate concisely.

Background & Education

Lias Boothe was born on October 26, 1977, in West Virginia in the Southern United States. Born into American parents, she belongs to white ethnicity. Lisa's grandfather, Carl Wilkinson was a veteran who died on October 12, 2016,  due to complications related to diabetes at Fairfax Nursing Center in Fairfax, Virginia.

Boothe graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and government from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. She was the member of Phi Mu, a female fraternal organization.

Lisa and brother, Ryan
Source: Instagram


Before she founded High Noon Strategies, Lisa was part of the executive team of WPA Research, a market researcher based in Washington, D.C. Serving as the Vice President of Political Polling and Public Affairs Research; she strived to help campaigns find the best data-driven messages for political campaigns across the nation. It was during this time, Boothe's idea of establishing High Noon Strategies kicked in.

Lisa Boothe and Jackie Ibanez hosting Fox and Friends.
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Raised in a political household, Boothe's political career started since 2010, as she involved herself in politics. She was one of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) team that helped take back the United States House of Representatives in 2010. Encouraged by that, she began to fill in as the representative for Sandy Adams in the Congress race in 2012. Later, she became the frontwoman for Tommy Thompson in the senator election.

Lisa Boothe at Outnumbered Fox News Channel with Eboni K. Tarheel, Attorney Broadcaster

Boothe also served as the Senior Director at the Black Rock Group, during the 2014 election cycle. She and the team led communications efforts for a Fortune 500 company, Super PACs, and was part of the winning consulting team for the Dan Sullivan for U.S. Senate election. She also served as the spokeswoman and helped launch the Republican polling firm.

Youtube: Five facts you did not know about Lisa Boothe

Notwithstanding her broad campaigns work, Boothe spent time on Capitol Hill developing a communications strategy for critical legislative efforts and serving as the spokeswoman for Sandy Adams, representative of Florida; Mark Meadows representative of New York City; and Shelley Moore Capito, representative of West Virginia.

Enjoyed interviewing Sen. Joe Manchin for the @washingtonexaminer. The interview will be released on Monday!

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As a writer, Boothe's several writings are "President Obama Has Left the Middle-Class Behind" (Town Hall), "Hillary Clinton and the wealth factor: Is she 2016's Mitt Romney?" (Fox News), "Why the ‘war on women’ propaganda won’t work" (Daily Caller) to name a few.


On April 27, 2017, Lisa Boothe wrote "Attention, conservatives: It's time to fight back" on the opinion segment of Washington Examiner website.

Personal Life & Net Worth

Lisa Boothe has always been dependably a father's young lady, who grew up with her other three siblings. Standing 5 feet 2 inches, she has never talked openly about her personal events. But the news is accurate and confirmed that Lisa Boothe is not married yet.

Lisa is an equally strong and independent woman who has seductive body measurements of 35-25-35 inches. Considered as one of the Americans most powerful and resourceful woman, she has not shared anything about her private life like affair, relationships, boyfriend nor dating. According to her social profile, she is in her early forties and possibly living a single life.

Currently living with her family in Washington D.C. Metro Area, Lisa's net worth is estimated to be approximate $10 million dollars. She as over $2 million USD annual salary, which mainly flows from her company and other endorsements.



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