Tallulah Belle Willis is continuously Dating her Boyfriend,Who is he? Know about her Relationship

November 30, 2017 by prechya

When we hear about long-term relationships, we automatically assume that the relationship is not going to break anytime soon. In the same way, you all must have heard the long-term relationship of the famous actress Tallulah Belle Willis with her boyfriend. But are you sure they’re still dating?

Well if the first paragraph confused you, don’t worry. The rest of the article will clear all your confusions away. Keep on reading if you want to know who Tallulah Belle Willis’s long-term boyfriend was and also to know if they are still dating. If not, who is she with and how long have they been together?

Tallulah Belle Willis’s long-term boyfriend

Tallulah’s long-term boyfriend that we have been talking about is Lucas Vercetti. Bruce Wills and Demi Moore’s daughter Belle started dating Lucas when she was 18 years of age. The couple started dating exactly on 14th March 2012. They were seen quite often hanging out and giving time for themselves.

Tallulah Willis cuddling with her long term boyfriend Lucas

Their love was the same even after a year. In 2013, Willis was again seen showering kisses and cuddles to her boyfriend, over breakfast. But sadly, their relationship ended. They have not officially confirmed about their break up.

We confirmed that they got separated because it is now official that she is with someone else. Yes, that’s right, keep on reading if you want to know who the lucky guy is.

Tallulah Belle’s current boyfriend

Somewhere around 2016, Tallulah started dating a new guy, Morgan MacDonald. They kept their relationship secret for god knows how long and finally in 2016, they were seen hanging out, smooching and locking lips together. They were seen heading towards lunch date in California.

Tallulah and Morgan having fun

Tallulah Willis kissing her boyfriend Morgan

Furthermore, Tallulah actually addressed Morgan as her ‘husband’. Hard to believe? See it yourself in the picture below. Back in 2016, she posted a video of her boyfriend and her sister Scout singing. She captioned the picture as

Husband and sister making sweet sound. The family band is really coming together.

One doesn’t just address someone as their ‘husband’ and ‘family’ if there’s nothing between them. So we as well as many fans have assumed that the couple is secretly married. But then Willis might just be joking. We don’t know the truth. But we can surely say that the couple is very serious in their relationship.

Well after few weeks of the Instagram post, Willis added some fuel on the fire wearing a gold ring on her ring finger while going for shopping. She didn’t wear any other jewelry at that time which almost proves that the rumor was true.

Tallulah walking with her boyfriend with a ring on her hand

Tallulah walking with her boyfriend with a ring on her hand

 But still, the couple hasn't officially announced themselves as husband and wife so we cannot address them as husband and wife either. We will surely cover this issue if we see and hear any news about their relationship.

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