There are many celebrities who have a lot of power and net worth. We cannot help everyone but everyone can help some. SO, celebrities like to donate their money by helping other without making a big deal about it. There are many celebrities who have given back through donations and their valuable time for charity.


So you might be wondering who are those celebrities. Are you guys ready to know which of those celebrities in the most charitable? So here are top five donated celebrities. Just stick with us.

Five most charitable celebrities

There are many celebrities who are quietly donating out of their own pocket. And we have five of them.

1. Jami Gertz

Actress Jami Gertz and her husband Antony Ressler are also on the list of 5 most charitable celebrities. The couple grants the foundation include 1.7 million to the LA County Museum of Art and four hundred thousand dollars to the Cedar Sinai Medical Centre.

[ CAPTION: Jemi Gertz with her husband Antony Ressler ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The couple is best known for making large, generous donations to heir foundation. They even made news in 2012 as the most charitable celebs, donating $10,569,000 to the Ressler-Gertz Foundation.

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2. Herb Alpert

Herb Alpert established the Herb Alpert Foundation to support arts education and environment issue. being a professional musician, he likes to donate millions of dollars for free education.

[ CAPTION: Herb Alpert ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

His foundation has made a $10.1 million donations to Los Angeles City College which will provide music majors at the school with a tuition-free education and was the largest gift to an individual community college in the history of Southern California.

3. Mel Gibson

An American actor and filmmaker, Mel Gibson reportedly been donating to a charity to help Holocaust survivor. He’s making amends by working closely with charity Survivor Mitzvah who deliver emergency aid to Holocaust survivor.

[ CAPTION: Mile Gibson ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The Gibsons gave millions to provide lifesaving medical treatment to needy children worldwide and he said that his philanthropic works give him perspective.

4. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift seems to be ignoring all the haters and putting her effort towards doing some good deeds. Yes, good deeds. She has been silently helping those in need. She spends most of her time with those who need a little extra love.

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[ CAPTION: Taylor Swift ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Taylor Swift is active with the UNICEF, Red Cross, Children in Need, and the Wounded Warrior Project. According to NY Daily News, the singer decided to donate fifty thousand dollars to Ascension Public Schools.

5. George Lucas

George Lucas introduced the world to Star Wars back in 1977. Besides being an actor, he also loves to donate millions of dollars to charity.

[ CAPTION: George Lucas for Humanity Award ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

He donated 4,250,000 dollars to the Lucas film foundations and then granted to the George Lucas Educational Foundation with a mission to inspire and empower young people to become responsible citizens, compassionate leaders and to live their dream.

So they are five most charitable celebrities. We hope you enjoyed reading this.