Taylor Swift is one of the most popular country singers turned pop singer of our times. Millions and millions of fans follow the ‘Fearless’ singer as she has given hits after hits in all these years.


The 10 Grammy winner singer, Swift has a persona of a deep and intense lover as well as a heartbroken lover simultaneously in her singing. She is popular for her love songs as well as her nasty yet charming breakup songs.

The 27-year-old singer started singing with country music in her early teens and now possess one of the top spots in the music industry.

The Best numbers of Taylor Swift

Starting from sweet romantic numbers to many bold songs in recent years, Taylor is loved for almost each and every one of her songs. Her fans often referred to as ‘Swifties’ go bizarre over the singer’s masterpieces. Some of her most liked numbers are

Love Story

People were loving the romantic Romeo and Juliet novels when Taylor Swift dropped the song that won million hearts at a time. The teens loved her interpretation of the romantic story and the song was so addicting. The song stuck into the mind and is responsible for turning many teens into ‘Swifties’.

YouTube: The song that won her million fans;

You belong with me

This song which describes the situation of a nerdy girl who fell in love with her BFF was a hit. You belong with me gave her three Grammy Nominations with several other Awards shows. This song was loved by her fans as much as they loved Love Story.


Reflecting a broken relationship in a song, Swift took this song to narrate a deceived girl’s opinion in a relationship. Winning two Grammy and several awards for this song, the singer gained more and more popularity with the release of her second studio album Fearless.

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This song which reminds teens and kid of the period when they were bullied is loved by her fans as much as any other songs. For the haters and people being mean swift has a perfect song to shake-them-off.

I knew you were trouble

The 2012-single hit, I knew you were trouble is a song written by swift reflecting her ex-boyfriend and a member of the former band 1 Direction, Harry Styles. The singer is popular for writing hit songs regarding her unsuccessful relationships with her former boyfriend.

We are never ever getting back together

This is the song Taylor wrote about her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. The 2012 hit came out shortly after her breakup with Jake. Many of her fans loved her reaction towards her love-life and this became her first song to hit no. 1 on Billboards.

Teardrops on my Guitar

A song written for her crush on Drew Hardwick, who is said to have known her feelings after the release of this song is one of her best. Although they both never hit-off in real life, her fans got a wonderful number and a lot of reasons to love their favorite singer.


Written about her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles, Style is the hit song released in 2014. This is the song that played a part of transitioning in the singing style of the singer from country to pop.

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Blank Space

Blank Space reflects her sarcastic resemblance through songs. With every verse being so catchy, Taylor Swift turned tables in her favor even in the pop genre. Along with some quotable lyrics, this is one remarkable song by Taylor.

Shake it off

The recently released hit Shake-it-off is a beautiful number by Taylor Swift. She helps her listeners to shake-it-off whatever is disturbing your way of living. This is one powerful message given by the singer to her fans and her fans are loving it. This video has already hit about 2.5 Billon views on YouTube.

YouTube: Shake it off by Taylor Swift;

The beautiful 26-year old not only makes beautiful music but is bold enough to convey inspirational messages through her songs and music video.

Sixth Studio album “Reputation” and latest Hits

After Taylor shared the studio with Zayn Malik for the single “I don’t wanna Live Forever” which is the title track for Fifty Shades Darker, the singer started topping charts again.

The Bad Blood singer turned her sweet country singer image to a bold and fierce pop artist with her collaboration with Kendrick Lamar in “Bad Blood”.

She dropped her sixth Studio album in early November 2017 leaving her fans shunned and mesmerized. She recently threw the power pact song ‘Look what you made me do’ in the face of her haters and rumored to be dissing Katy Perry and Kanye West.

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Whatever the reason, the stunning artist is absolutely talented and no one stands a chance if gets in her way.