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Tennis Player Samantha Stosur rumored lesbian. What's the truth behind it?

Published Thu Aug 17 2017 By Jhr Na
Tennis Player Samantha Stosur rumored lesbian. What's the truth behind it?

Sports lover please pay attention here, cause today we are talking about the professional tennis player. You might be wondering who's that player? Well, she is non-other than Samantha Stosur. 


We all know that Samantha is an Australian professional tennis player and is a former world No.1 in doubles and former World No.4 in singles. She is the two times winner of WTA Doubles Team Of The Year and became the world no. 1 in doubles with Lisa Raymond in the year 2006.

This was the short description of Samantha's professional life, for those who don't know her. And today we will be describing her personal life. Do you remember the news of Samantha being lesbian? No, then let's find out the find out in detail.

Samantha Stosur Rumored Lesbian

In the year 2012, tennis player Dominika blamed Samantha for being a man. She blamed because she was defeated very badly with the score 6-4, 6-1 by Samantha. She said:

 "how can girl defeat a man"

And this statement became the main source for the media to raise a question about Samantha's sexuality. But, it is believed that Samantha's victory was not toleratable by Dominika and to make cloud over her loss she blamed Samantha. Let's watch this video:

YoutubeSabine Lisicki v Samantha Stosur;

However, she has not confirmed of her being lesbian. The rumor is just created to make her fans and media confused. She is often said to display her muscular arms. Is this news true? Let's find out.

Samantha Stosur Display her Muscular Arms

There was the question raised against her hot masculine biceps and her muscular body. She made her fans confused by her incredible change in her arms. The unbelievable change only in the arms made her fans more confused and the questioned was raised.

[ CAPTION: Samantha Stosur's muscular body ][ SOURCE: Business Insider ]

But the truth is, she has worked out a lot to make herself fit. She has never reached the quarter-final in her home events, so we think that she had done this all work out to reach that level.

She really has been fit in her career and she is doing more to prepare herself in tennis related fitness.

[ CAPTION: Samantha Stosur fitness exercise ][ SOURCE: ]

Back to her personal life, she is rumored to be in a secret relationship with Lisa Raymond. So let's find out the mystery.

Samantha Stosur and rumored girlfriend Lisa Raymond

Samantha and Lisa have played many doubles games. They also have received the World No. 1 title. As a matter of fact, they are the two times winner of WTA Doubles Team of the year. However, Lisa has opened up of her being lesbian but Samantha hasn't confirmed yet.

[ CAPTION: Samantha Stosur and Lisa Raymond Samantha Stosur and ru ][ SOURCE: ]

Samantha's closeness to Lisa became the reason for their being in a relationship. But their closeness has created a doubt to Samantha being a Lesbian. So, we believe she is a lesbian.