What is the Marital Relationship of American Actress Caity Lotz, What About her Lesbian Rumour?

May 18, 2018
First published on:December 13, 2017
by samriddhi

Popular actress, singer, and dancer who is very famous for her role as Officer Kirsten Landry in the MTV mockumentary series Death Valley, Caity Lotz is heard to be a Lesbian. Her fans are really shocked to hear this.


Is she really a Lesbian? Or, is it only a rumor? Did she date anybody in the past? Or, is she in a relationship with a guy? Know about her relationship status right below:

Marital Relationship of Caity Lotz

Relationship status of Caity Lotz says that she is not single. American actress Caity Lotz is currently dating Dylan Lewis who is an Australian radio and TV personality by profession. The couple dated each other after the breakup of Caity Lotz with Maciej Zakoscielny.

[ CAPTION: Caity Lotz with boyfriend Dylan Lewis ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The couple is seen to have been dating for more than one year. They are seen to post their private photos on a regular basis. Looking at her posts, she seems to be very happy and has a romantic life with Lewis.

[ CAPTION: Caity Lotz with boyfriend Dylan Lewis ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Past affair of Caity Lotz

Caity Lotz, famous and beautiful actress was in a relationship with Polish actor Maciej Zakoscielny in 2014 but their relationship didn’t last long. The couple got separated after completing 16 months in November 2014. The reason for their separation is unknown to their fans. 

[ CAPTION: Caity Lotz with ex-boyfriend Maciej Zakoscielny ][ SOURCE: Famousfix ]

The couple used to share a strong bond but it looks like they were not meant to be together. Lotz and Zakoscielny's fans were quite upset regarding their separation.

Whatever the past was, at this moment, Caity Lotz is happy dating Dylan Lewis.

Caity Lotz Lesbian Rumors

There were also some rumors of Caity Lotz being a lesbian. The story started when she kissed her co-star, Katrina Law in the CW action TV series Arrow in 2014

She even shares several pictures with Katrina Law on her Instagram which made people suspect about her Instagram.

[ CAPTION: Caity Lotz with co-actor Katrina Law ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The actress later told the Venice Magazine that her portrayal of the bisexual character, Sara Lance made her realize that sexuality is just a normal thing. It’s the way it is. Sexuality is just a label, and it’s totally is not a big deal to be a bisexual.

Although there were rumors of Caity being a Lesbian, she is in a very romantic relationship with Dylan Lewis. What do you think of this relationship? Do you want them to be together?

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