Miss Universe 2017 was held at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States on 26 November 2017. It was the 66th Miss Universe pageant.


The host of this show was Steve Harvey, an American TV host and Ashley Graham, an American model. 92 contestants from different countries participated in the pageant show.

As we all know that, several contestants from different countries participated in representing their country, they showed different types of dance, cultural dress, etc. to show their tradition and culture. Check out top 7 national costumes:

Top 7 National Costumes at Miss Universe [2017] 

1. Thailand

For Miss Universe 2017, Maria Lynn Ehren, also known as Maria Poonlertlarp took part from Thailand. She wore this gorgeous costume entitled to “Chasing the Light.” The costume was inspired by Thailand’s God of Thunder.

[ CAPTION: Philippines ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The dress was designed by Prapakas Ansusingha. The entire costume comes with a golden doll representing the God. The model had a hat on her head representing the ‘Wats,’ Buddhist temples of Thailand.

2. Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Loan represented her country in the 2017 Miss Universe competition. The costume wore by her represented several cultural looks and color combination inspired by local festive of Vietnam.

[ CAPTION: Vietnam ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The costume was designed by Nguyen Huu Bihn and is made of natural silk, rattan, and bamboo.

3. South Africa

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters represented her country South Africa in the Miss Universe held in Las Vegas.

[ CAPTION: South Africa ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Her national costume was all pink and reddish as she represented her country’s national flower through it. She showed the ‘King Protea’ flower with leaf-like cloth stitched on her arms.

4. Japan

Momoko Abe took part from Japan as the Miss Universe Japan 2017. She debuted her national costume with a Samurai’s look at first and a Geisha Robe in the end.

[ CAPTION: Japan ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Japan is famous for its Samurai fighters and its traditional Kimono. Abe showed exactly that, with her costume at the preliminary round of Miss Universe 2017. She came in with a samurai’s look and with a pull of a string, the dress became a kimono.


5. Guatemala

Isel Suniga took part as the representative of her country in the 2017 Miss Universe pageant.

[ CAPTION: Guatemala ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Inspired by the traditional values of her country where people fly kites over the cemeteries to keep ghosts at bay, she had a very colorful dress to show in the preliminary rounds of the competition. The dress had a kite-like circle on her back with a big ruby on her hand.

6. Philippines

The Miss Universe pageant saw Rachel Peters as the representative of Philippines this year. She showed off the gold ‘Sarimanok’ designed by Val Taguba in the preliminary rounds.

[ CAPTION: Philippines ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

With her wings spread, she also had an Amazon warrior-like shoe to comfort her walking. The dress had a body like a chicken’s scales as ‘Sarimanok’ is a legendary bird (chicken with assorted colors) of the Philippines.

7. Malaysia

Miss Universe Malaysia Samantha James represented her country in 2017. The costume represented by her was inspired by a national dish, usually served as breakfast in Malaysia.

[ CAPTION: Malaysia ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The breakfast consists of rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. Brian Choo designed the dress. The dress had hand embroidered rhinestones to symbolize rice grains. The left side of the dress had rhinestones to symbolize the spicy Samba with sliced cucumbers and poached eggs down below.

All in all, the competition was fierce, and the dresses had meanings.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters from South Africa made it as the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant 2017.