The Ex-married couple, wife, Meleasa Houghton and husband, Israel Houghton have gone their separate ways after such a long period of time. Meleasa was mostly known for her husband Israel, but now they are not together anymore.


What is the reason for Meleasa Houghton and Israel Houghton’s unsuccessful marriage? Why did they get a divorce? Weren’t they in love with each other? Just keep scrolling to find out the reason behind the couple’s separation.

Meleasa and Israel Houghton: Married life and Divorce

Israel Houghton and Meleasa Houghton were married in 1994. But, they got separated in 2016 just before Israel’s wedding with his current wife, Adrienne Bailon. The couple were in a relationship for more than two decades and have a total of 3 children together.

[ CAPTION: Israel and Meleasa together ][ SOURCE: Gmusicplus ]

Reasons for Couple’s Divorce

There was a speculation that the current wife of Israel was the cause of their divorce. It is also rumored that the TV Host was having an affair with Israel long before their divorce. However, the speculation was all down the drain when Israel posted some heartfelt words on his Facebook page.

 Israel Houghton’s Announcement

Israel Houghton’s Announcement, Source: Facebook

In Israel’s Facebook page, he has told that the relationship was over a couple of months before the official announcement. In his announcement, he backed up Adrienne saying that the marriage was slowly getting degraded somewhat 5 years ago. He was also saddened by the dragging of Adrienne into the situation.

Hence, the real reason for the separation of Meleasa and Israel Houghton is still not confirmed. Some sources said that the divorce took place because of Houghton’s new wife, Adrienne Bailon. And, some say that Israel sinned and failed in keeping the marriage intact as per some tabloid sources. 

Israel Houghton’s Current Status; Single or Married?

After the divorce with Meleasa, Israel married to the TV personality, Adrienne Bailon in Paris. The couple got married on 11th November 2016. For their marriage, Adrienne told the reporters that she never had this feeling before.

[ CAPTION: Wedding Day; Israel and Adrienne Houghton ][ SOURCE: People ]

The host also said that she had a really peaceful mind that evening. The marriage took place at the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris in front of some 70 guests. Adrienne wanted a genuine wedding and she got one. A really special feeling for both of them.

All in all, Israel is living a happy married life with Adrienne Bailon. However, it is still unsure how Meleasa is living currently. Hope Meleasa is living a good life and has moved on. The couple seems to be strongly bounded and there is no any sign or rumors of their divorce till date.