Quick Facts Tim Witherspoon

  • NameTim Witherspoon
  • NationalityAmerican
  • EthnicityAfrican-American
  • ProfessionAmerican Professional Boxer
  • MarriedYes
  • Children1
  • DivorceYes
  • Nick NameTerrible

American Professional Boxer Tim Witherspoon is mostly known for his boxing and his book Tim Witherspoon Terrible Times- My Story. Having held the World Boxing Council (WBC) title once in 1984 and in 1986, he is a two-time world heavyweight champion.

In this article, we will discuss his overall net worth, his personal affairs and relationships, his achievements, his career, and his biofacts. Let us take a deeper dive.

Tim Witherspoon Net Worth

Tim Witherspoon has gathered a net worth of six figures. Although he hasn’t disclosed his exact net worth, we can calculate it by the average earning he receives per match as well as his other sources of income.

CAPTION: Tim Witherspoon in action in the ring

SOURCE: The Ring

The average income a boxer receives per match is $22,000 – $37,000. Tim broke several records and has conquered 55 matches in his career. Along with that, Tim is the third man in boxing history to win the Heavyweight Boxing Championship twice.

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Although his main source of income is his boxing career, he gains from his appearance in movies like Tyson Unleashed, Risen and Muhammed Ali Dream(AKA Fighting For Equality). 

CAPTION: Tim Witherspoon in an event

SOURCE: Boxing.com

Since he has left boxing now, he works as a trainer and has trained light heavyweight champion Clinton Woods in the UK as well as his son. The average salary of a certified trainer is $26,626 annually.

He has a book title “Terrible Times – My Story” which is sold worldwide till now.

Tim Witherspoon Boxing Earnings

Tim has received a hefty amount by defeating other players in the ring.

For conquering the boxing match with Greg Page, he received $43,000. Likewise, he received $450,000 for defending the belt against Pinklon Thomas.

Consequently, he was to receive an amount of $2 million for his match against Frank Bruno but got far less than the said amount.


Meanwhile, he sued boxing promoter, Don King, for $25 million because of the fact that Don robbed him of his earnings. He won approximately $1 million in the settlement.

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Professional Record Summary
69 fights55 wins13 losses
By knockout384
By decision179

Tim Witherspoon Girlfriend, Wife and Relationships

During an interview, while he was promoting his book he said that he has a daughter and is a divorced man. He also said that it was a struggle bringing up his daughter as a single parent while he was also active in his boxing career.

“Life is good, you know. I got my kids and my grandkids and that’s enough to keep me happy and keep going forward. I got my daughter who’s English and she’s with me in America, they keep me living longer.”

The boxer is quite secretive about his dating life and has not appeared in public with any lovey-dovey relationship. The mother of his child is also unknown.

Here I am: a single parent for fifteen years and I’m trying to comfort my kids to get them to understand how things are and this is one of the things I did with my youngest daughter at the time.”