Todd Duffee is one of the fierce man of the UFC and martial art industry. Born in the year 1985, December 6 in Evansville, Indiana, United States, he represents himself as a mixed martial artist and Ultimate Fighting Championship hard rock. Besides, his sensational performance in a number of competition and leagues, he is best famous for his role in the movie named Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown released in the year 2010. Likewise, he has also appeared in Muscle & Fitness magazine for his extraordinary journey in martial arts and having a terrific muscular body. Coming to his far, he has made a long journey and Todd Duffee bio can be taken as a perfect and hardcore example for the one who wants to carve their paths in the martial arts field.


Born in the place Evansville, Indiana and grew up in Raleigh, Illinois, Todd Duffee represents himself as the son of Coal Miner and nurse mother. Having athletic body and giant body from the very early age, he has always shown deep interest in playing sports. He grew up playing baseball, football, track, soccer and basketball during his college days. Though he began to practice boxing from the very early age, he was not serious at first as he was busy with other sports especially football. He was in the team of the University of Georgia but due to serious injury, he left football and concentrate more on UFC and MMA. He is currently involved in the University of Georgia for his business degree.

After his entry in the martial arts, Todd Duffee gain huge attention after beating Mike Walbright, Mark Haniger and Josh Bennett which later opened the contract for UFC and PRIDE FC and Jungle Fights 11. He dominates the fight and began the new era of Todd Duffee in the industry. With his performance and match, he gains huge fame, name and hard earn net worth. Though his, financial figures has not been disclosed, we’re sure it’s in big millions. You can find his extracted bio in Todd Duffee wiki and other bio-related sites.

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Coming to Todd Duffee height, body measurement and body facts, he has a muscular body which also helps him to be popular. Todd who is kind of giant in body facts, Tod Duffee height stands as 6 feet 3 inch followed by the weight of 241 lb which will be 109 in kg. With his marvelous height and weight, he fights and falls in Heavyweight of 265 lb and has the record of fighting out of Coconut Creek, Florida. Being excellent in the ring, people literally gets aggressive while looking at him and his performances. Besides, females fans are crazy about him as he has good physics and love to see him shirtless. Todd has huge fans following in his social accounts and out of it, both male and females fan took him as an idol in terms of his body.

Covering Todd marriage relationship and dating history, Todd has been successful in hiding major things. There is no proper record of Todd engaging in girlfriend and relationship. With this statement, it’s pretty hard to tell whether he is a married man or not. Since he is only running at her first thirties, he might be waiting for his Mrs. Right. Likewise, there is no news about Todd children and divorce things.