Thomas Fuentes is one of the superheroes of the American force industry. Born in America, he represents himself as the former FBI personnel by profession. Thomas who has a long history of serving the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he has the record of serving FBI as an Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from the year 2004 to 2008. Besides, his utmost keen interest and endeavors in the services, he is also best known as President of Fuentes International, L.L.C which is a consulting firm based in Washington D.C. Coming to this far, he has a transformational career from an agent to hard working consultant. Besides, we can learn a lot of things from Thomas Fuentes bio.


Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Tom Fuentes has always been fascinated with the super cops and investigation things from the very early age. In order to pursue his career in the similar field, he went to Governors State University and graduate from there earning a Bachelor degree in Arts and majoring in Economics, Business Administration, and Public Service Administration.

Being the 2007 graduate of the FBI National Executive Institute and one of the active member of the FBI National Academy Associates, Tom Fuentes also represent himself as the member of International Association of Chiefs of Police. Likewise, he has also the record of serving IACP’s International Policing Steering Committee and G-8 Law Enforcement Projects Group. Besides, he has 29 years of professional experience in FBI itself and 11 years of experience as the member of the U.S. Government’s Senior Executive Service.

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After the retirement, Tom Fuentes has been actively involved in the consulting part, and also led his hands in in CNN as a contributor regarding U.S. and International Law enforcement and national security advisory council. Similarly, he also represents himself as the executive consultant to Tate, Inc, Palantir Technologies and Deloitte Consulting. You can refer to Thomas Fuentes wiki for his detail work description. Accounting his success and number of positions that he is involved in, his salary and Thomas Fuentes net worth is well hidden.


Covering Thomas Fuentes married life and private matter, just like above there is no proper information which can give hints about his private life. The handsome and brave man might have several acquaintances in the past, but being a secret agent, he knows pretty well, how to hide things. Keeping his private life as a mystery, there is no news or any source which can indicate about his family matter.

Coming towards Thomas Fuentes height, age and other inside information, there is no doubt that he has blessed with wonderful body structure. However, being an FBI guy from a long time, he has been successful to hide almost all information about him. Maintaining the high security in a number of cases and about his life, he is one of the excellent personnel of FBI. Looking at his appearances, we can guess that he might stand the weight of around 6 feet 1 inch while he might have the weight of around 75 kg. Besides, he has not mentioned his date of birth as well. So, in that case, we can roughly say that he is running on her late fifties.