One of the legendary American Baseball pitchers of Mets, Tom Seaver’s personal life is one of the concerns of the diehard American baseball fans out there. The 76-year-old who retired from the sports years ago is living a happily married life since 1966.


Seaver, who was entitled to various prestigious titles during his reign in baseball is married to his childhood friend and lover, Nancy Lynn McIntyre. Nancy, who grew up in Kansas reveals that it was not obviously loved at first sight, what the couple had.

She remembers Tom being skinny, immature having his hair plastered had big teeth and hands.

Tom and Nancy: Happily Married for over 50 years

Growing up in the same state, Tom and Nancy came across each other at an early age. In spite of a spark, love was not ignited at first sight. As they slowly became attracted towards each other, their love began to bloom.

When Tom started studying pre-dentistry at USC, he took a baseball scholarship and they used to communicate using mail.

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Slowly as the couple started dating and Tom’s career getting the limelight, Tom proposed to Nancy during a trip home from Florida after playing in a minor league. Nancy thought she was marrying a dentist but got a sporty baseball player in her life instead.

The couple started living their happy days together as Tom kept on attaining milestones in his career.

Two Children and the ties that kept them together

Waiting for a famous baseball player to get home was a tiring task for Nancy. Though their relationship started with a bumpy initiation, slowly they started managing their time as Nancy remained calm. It was after the birth of their first daughter, Sarah Seaver who was born in 1971, they finally got tied into a family.

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Happiness came along as they became a family of four with the arrival of their second daughter, Anne Elizabeth Seaver who was born in 1976. With two daughters in their family, the couple’s happiness doubled. Tom achieved great success in his professional career as well as his personal life.

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 Tom was a famous Mets player back then. He was always conscious about his family even though he stayed away from home during major games. Nancy was the tie that held their family together, taking care of the children and managing time when her husband was home. Now, Sarah and Anne are in their forties and they too are living in California.

Back in time, the family of four grew together as the couple went through various experiences in life. With huge name and fame, Tom and family bought a vineyard as he retired. Being raised as a couple in old times, the couple got through every single obstacle in their way. Maybe that is the secret to a long happy marriage.