Some people are famous for their talent and some of their beauties. Likewise, Elaine Starchuk is famous for her beauties and a popular lady ever had a crush on. She was married to Tommy Lee but got a divorce just days after tying the knot.


Why did the couple get separated? Didn’t they marry each other because they loved each other? Then, why such a short-term marriage? Do the couple have any children? Stay tuned to know more about them.

Elaine Bergen Married Tommy Lee

Like every other couple, Elaine Starchuk and Tommy Lee were in a relationship for some time before getting married to each other. After being together for more than 2 years, the couple tied a knot on 24th November 1984. They broke up pretty quickly. How quickly?

[ CAPTION: Elaine Bergen and Tommy Lee ][ SOURCE: Whodatedwhom ]

The couple got a divorce just 7 days after they tied the knot. Oh, that quick! But the news of their separation shocked their fans as well as other people close to them. The couple officially got a divorce in 1985.

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The reason for Tommy and Elaine’s divorce is still a mystery to each and every one of us. Both of them started a new relationship right after they got separated. They could not even wait until they were official divorced.

Elaine’s Love Life: Before and After

According to some tabloid websites, Elaine has publicly revealed 8 relationships altogether. However, no one of them has become able to remain intact. After 2004, she is not seen publicly involved with any other guy whatsoever.  

[ CAPTION: Elaine Bergen and Tommy Lee ][ SOURCE: Whosdatedwho ]

Before Tommy Lee, Elaine dated David Coverdale, Vince Neil, and Gregg Giuffria. Tommy is her 4th boyfriend. Shortly, after she broke-up with Gregg Giuffria, Elaine started seeing Tommy. Although he is her 4th boyfriend, he became successful in being her first husband. 

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After Tommy Lee, she started dating Nikki Sixx, Taime Downe, Todd Marshall, and Anders Erikson. Relationship with Taime and Nikki were just for a short time.

She married Todd Marshall in 1992 but after 4 years of marriage, the couple split-up in 1996. Her last known relationship was with Anders Eriksson with whom she spent a total of 5 years. Might she don’t want to date anyone and want to live the rest of her life along. 

All in all, the ex-wife of a famous metal band singer, Tommy Lee, was living quite a life until 2004. However, the details after the year are not revealed to the public. The woman has her tweets protected and got all secretive. We just know that she wants a quiet life now.