Quick Facts Tracye Hutchins

Tracye Hutchins is an American journalist and a news anchor who works for CBS 46 WGCL-TV Atlanta. Tracy’s been working as a news presenter for more than twenty-five years.

Tracye Hutchins current relationship status is divorced as she was formerly married to Steve Overmyer but is currently living a single life after her short-lived married life. Tracye Hutchins salary is $71,120 per annum which and she has a net worth of $1 million.

Tracye Hutchins Net Worth

Tracye Hutchins has been in the television news industry for more than twenty-five years and it has been more than eleven years since she started working for CBS 46. She receives an estimated salary of $71,120 from her job.

But, since her salary is estimated on the basis of an average salary of news anchor on CBS, she might receive more than the average because of her experience and her dedication towards the organization for such a long period of time.

Also, she works in a five PM slots, so it is obvious that she earns a way higher than her average salary.

Tracye Hutchins long journey in her career must have helped her amass a huge net worth. Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Net worth is dependent upon many factors like her expenditure pattern, saving pattern, and the assets she has accumulated. And we do not have all the data regarding her financial aspects so we estimated her net worth to be within the given range.

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Despite being a famous reporter, Tracye does not lead an extravagance and lavish lifestyle. She loves to hang out with friends and family in regular places and loves to eat in a regular restaurant.

She likes simple dresses but isn’t afraid of flaunting designer-wears on certain occasions.

Her fans might want to know about the type of house she lives in and the car she drives, also about the brand of clothes, shoes, and jewelry she prefers but as she is a low-profiled celebrity, it is hard to come to conclusion regarding her preferences.

Tracye Hutchins Personal Life

Tracye was married to Steve Overmyer in 2001. Just like Tracey, Steve also works in the television industry as a news presenter and sportscaster. Currently, he works in CBS 2 as a sports anchor and reporter. He hosts weekend program named Sports Update on CBS 2 and WLNY. He is associated with CBS 2 since February 2011 and currently works in the same organization.

Tracye’s marriage with Steve did not last long. Their marriage ended in divorce only after two years of marriage. The issue which caused the couple to separate has not been disclosed in any media.

Though some tabloids have sited distrust, and extra-marital affair to be the root cause of the separation they haven’t officially outed anything yet.

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Tracye has a daughter named Paige and she is single parenting the child. Both of them have a special attachment with each other and the bond gets stronger with each passing day. They love to spend time together and visit different places around the world together. Tracye has taken full care and made sure that the child is brought up in the best possible way.

Tracye’s ex-husband has the full freedom to meet his daughter whenever he wishes to meet her. Tracey hasn’t restricted her ex-husband to meet their daughter.

As per the report, Steve loves his daughter very much and spends time with her whenever possible. It is also said that Paige also loves her father very much and loves being with him once in a while.

There is no information about Tracye having any affair or about being engaged with anyone. Tracye seems to devote her full time in the upbringing of her daughter.

Maybe, she would get into a relationship when she finds a perfect match for herself or she would spend her life single parenting her child but only time will tell about it.

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Besides her professional and family life, Tracye is also active on social media sites. She is popular on social media with 7,105 followers on her official Instagram, 6,104 followers on her official Twitter, and 9,341 followers on official Facebook profile.

She keeps updating her social media profiles to keep her friends, families, and her fans updated about her current ongoing in life.

Tracye Hutchins Early Life

Tracye Hutchins was born on 19th of February in Scottsdale, Las Vegas, of the U.S. Further, information about her parents, siblings, and high school education still remains unaddressed.

She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Northern Arizona University in 1992. 

Tracye Hutchins Career

Tracye Hutchins started off her career as a reporter for KPNX-TV network’s program named 12 News. She worked there for a duration of four years and three months.

After that, she joined CNN as a news Anchor and worked there for a duration of nearly two years. She joined KFMB Stations in 2004 and worked as a reporter for nearly three years.

Currently, she works as a co-host for the CBS 46 network’s morning show. She joined CBS 46 in 2007 and in the beginning, she worked as an interviewer and covered different events.

After six years on the Network, she was promoted to do the evening shows. Now she works at the time slot of 4, 5, 6, and 11 p.m in the network.