Quick Facts Vicky Karayiannis

  • NameVicky Karayiannis
  • Birth Year1987
  • Birth month08
  • NationalityAmerican
  • Birth PlaceUnited State America
  • EthnicityMixed
  • Profession Publicist, Philanthropist
  • MarriedYes
  • Married toChris Cornell
  • SiblingsNicholas Karayiannis
  • MotherKarayiannis
  • Online Presence Instagram, Twitter

Vicky Karayiannis is an American who came to the spotlight after the death of her husband Chris Cornell. She was a publicist but now devotes her time to philanthropy works.

Vicky Karayiannis was married to American Rockstar Chris Cornell who died mysteriously. She was entitled to a net worth of her husband Chris Cornell which amounts to $60 million.

Vicky Karayiannis Net Worth

Vicky Karayiannis Net Worth is $60 million and it would be more if we know how much she has cumulated in her career as a publicist. The figure $60 million in net worth is the amount that she inherited from her husband after his death.

If we had the figure of what she had saved during her career then we could calculate the exact net worth. But her financial data has not been documented in detail.

Vicky’s salary is $51,000 per annum. Since her financial details are not available the salary is calculated on the basis of the salary earned by an American publicist per annum.

Since the salary differs from one publication to another, the exact salary cannot be determined on the basis of average salary. But her exact salary would be in the similar range.

CAPTION: Vicky Karayiannis with her husband

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Vicky Karayiannis lived in a house in Beverly Hills which is estimated to be around $5.4 million. The house belonged to the Rockstar and it was later passed on to Vicky after his death.

Similarly, the Rockstar loved to keep various types of cars but there is no information regarding the present condition of those cars. Maybe Vicky sold them or has kept it as a souvenir.

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Vicky Karayiannis leads a simple life despite having such a large amount of net worth on her behalf. But she is also involved in Philanthropy in a charity foundation called Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation which helps poor and underprivileged kids. So, she is making very good use of her assets in a most humanely way.

Vicky Karayiannis Personal Life

Vicky is a widow to Rockstar Chris Cornell. The couple tied their knots in 2004 but sadly after 13 years of marriage, bad luck struck their lives. On 17th of May 2017, Chris committed suicide and left his wife and his children forever.

It was a very hard moment for the family to cope with but they stand strong and following the will of god continued on with their lives.

Vicky was the second wife of Chris Cornell. He was married to Sarah Silver, the manager of the band Alice in Chains. He has a daughter from his first marriage named Lilian Jean. There is no information as to why Chris Cornell got separated from his first wife.

Vicky met Chris when he was on a Musical Tour to France. Vicky was on a publicity work and meanwhile on the job they got introduced to each other.

The familiarity turned into a passion and they felt the connection between them and decided to make their relationship official. Chris proposed Vicky with a diamond ring in a French bar and the rest is history.

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Vicky is currently single parenting her two children Toni Cornell (daughter) and Christopher Nicholas Cornell (son).

She is taking full responsibility in taking care of her children and making sure that the children get an environment in which they can have a healthy physical and psychological growth.

Vicky Karayiannis could start a new relationship and give a new start to her life. But she has not hinted anything about having a person in her life and about getting engaged with anyone. She is an adult and it is her decision regarding anything of that sort.

She knows what is best for her and for her children and she will carry on her life with her own instincts.

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Vicky is also active on social media sites. She keeps updating her profile to let her fans and followers know about the latest ongoings of her life.

Vicky Karayiannis Early Life

Vicky Karayiannis was born in the United States on August 13, 1987. Her mother name is Karayiannis and she had a brother named Nicholas Karayiannis.

Apart from these, there is no information regarding her parents and siblings. The family was originally from Greece and they had Greek ancestry.

Information regarding her childhood days, her academic life from school to university, her early career and most of the important facts about her early life is missing.

Vicky Karayiannis Career

Too little is found regarding Vicky and her Career. It is said that while in France she was working as a publicist. But the name of the organization she was working for is missing.

After marriage with Chris, they returned back to America and they started doing philanthropy work for the underprivileged kids under the banner of a charity organization called Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation.

She still works for the charity foundation and still helps the poor children. She wants to carry on the good cause that she and her husband started together.

Vicky Karayiannis And Controversy

On May 2017, Vicky’s husband Chris was found unconscious in his hotel room. The doctor gave the reason of death a suicide. But Vicky claims that Chris committed suicide because of the effect of the drug that was prescribed to him by his doctor.

Vicky had filed a case against the doctor for prescribing him harmful drugs and is waiting for the result of the court.

It is a coincidence that Chris died on the birthday of his friend Chester Bennington who also committed suicide.