An American rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, investor, and occasional actor, Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. better known as “Nelly” is a talented person and successfully won the hearts of many people. Cornell started his career with midwest hip-hop group.


Besides his successful professional career, his fans are keen to about his marriage life and his children. So if you are interested to know then here detail information about Nelly’s children and his wife. Just stick with us. 

Who is American Rapper ‘Nelly’ Cornell Iral Haynes Jr’s Wife?

The very popular person in the world from the album- Country Grammar, Nelly was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with a model and actress, Shantel Jackson.

And this time the rumors came true. It’s true that the American rapper, Nelly is in a romantic relationship with Shantel and let’s tell you that the couple is now engaged. Shantel and Nelly have been dating each other for over three years now.

[ CAPTION: Shantel Jackson and Nelly ][ SOURCE: The Judiciary Report ]

When the couple started hitting hints on social media, people around the world started creating buzz about their relationship.

And if you are still confused about their relationship then let us inform you again that the couple, Nelly and Shantel are happily engaged and after Nelly and Shantel’s engagement, their fans, including us, are waiting for their marriage. Aren’t you?

[ CAPTION: Shantel Jackson and Nelly ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Besides their engagement news, there’s another news, wanna know? Then just keep scrolling.

Are Shantel Jackson and Nelly planning to make a baby?

Now it looks as if the couple is ready to make a baby. It’s no longer secret that the couple are ready to take their relationship to the next level and their planning for a baby, looks as if they are ready to start a family. Every married couple’s first priority- Baby.

[ CAPTION: Shantel Jackson and Nelly ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

But Shantel has made things clear that she wanted to tie-the-knot before the babies. She said that she don’t wanna be a baby momma, she wants Nelly, the horse, and carriage the wedding, the ring before she has a baby. She added: “First comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.”

[ CAPTION: Shantel Jackson and Nelly ][ SOURCE: ]

The statement clears that Shantel wants to get married first. So in the end, we just can wait and watch what will happen the next. Till then just be with us