An American stand-up comedian and actor, Andra Fuller is attractive and has a dashing personality. There is no doubt that lots of women want to go on a date with this famous star. His fans and followers are very curious to know about his love affair. So let’s find out whether he in a relationship with anyone or not? 


With his well-toned physique and a face to fall for, why hasn’t any rumors of him being in a relationship raised till now? Stay with us to know all about the relationship status of Andra Fuller.  

Who is Andra Fuller dating currently? 

Well, to tell the truth, with such a manly body and voice, anybody would want to date Andra. But, not all get a chance to date him. Currently, Andra does not have any relationship rumors. However, the actor is seen mostly with Claudia Angela Jordan

[ CAPTION: Andra Fuller with Claudia Angela Jordan ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Well, we have seen pictures of them being together on various social media sites, but, their relationship is still not clear to us. Are they only in a relationship or they already got married? This question still hunts us. Whatever be the case, with their closeness, it just seems that they are madly in love with each other. Look at it yourself!

[ CAPTION: Andra Fuller with Claudia Angela Jordan ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

In one of Andre’s Instagram post, he called Claudia as his partner in crime. And, his post also states that they hosted a Super Bowl Party together. So, it just makes us wonder, what type of relationship they really are in?

Do they share children together?

Andra Fuller and Claudia Jordan’s relationship is still a big question, a question that knocked into our minds. Does the actor have any children? Well, Andre has confused us even more after he shared an Instagram picture with a child. 

[ CAPTION: Andra Fuller with an adorable baby girl ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

This post has put us in more dilemma. He posted a picture of him holding a little girl and stated that “it is time to put the misconception about black men not raising their kids to rest”. The post also asked his followers to enjoy the picture of his little girl smiling back at him.

Andra prefers to keep his personal life secret and has never talked about his personal life in the media, so we are not so sure about his love affair and children. Hopefully, he will reveal all the facts about his personal life very soon. We wish him a very good luck for his bright future.