British Television Presenter Kristie Allsopp is happily living with her boyfriend, Ben Andersen for almost 14 years now. Even though they have two kids together the couple seems nowhere near marriage anytime soon.


The Location, Location, Location host started dating Ben, early in 2004. The couple is living together at Notting Hill, West London with their two sons. Ben has two teen sons from his early marriage who live with the couple occasionally. Altogether, the mother of four is very happy with her beau and is reluctant to be married.

Kristie Allsopp’s Live-in relationship with the father of her sons

Allsopp revealed that Ben’s first failed marriage was the initial reason for the couple deciding not to marry. After Ben got over that, it was Allsopp who got reluctant of getting married as she was already happy with what she had. She chose not to marry Ben as marriage could make things more complex.

The Happily Unmarried Couple Kristie Allsopp and Ben Andersen

Even though all of Kristie’s younger siblings are married, she still shows no sign of getting married anytime soon. Her fans are amused by the fact that the singer chose not to marry the father of her sons.

Kristie is too busy taking care of all four of her sons (two stepsons from Ben’s first marriage) and does not have time to think anything more recently.

She opened up in an interview with Good Housekeeping back in 2013, about her loving relationship with the 54-year-old millionaire and her happy family. It was then when she revealed her reason for the not marrying stuff.

A happy family with four children

The couple lives happily with their two sons, Bay who is ten-year-old and Oscar who is nine-year-old. They are too busy taking care of their sons with whom they are seen occasionally at various events. Unmarried yet happy, the couple also takes care of Ben’s two sons from their first marriage.

Instagram: Kristie with her two sons Bay and Oscar

Hal and Orion, who are in their teens are Kristie’s stepsons. They spend half of their time at Notting Hill as they come to live with their family.

Kristie loves all of her children equally. She said she would be happy to have a few more children if her schedule was a little bit loose. Nevertheless, it is not only her choice to have a child. The proud mother of four has a never-ending romantic relationship with her partner.

Instagram: Four of their children together

It seems like they have no problem marrying if the idea pops up in near future but are much happier the way things are going now.