People think being a daughter of a superstar has its perks but if your father is a pro-wrestler, then you got to think twice. Simone Alexandra is the eldest daughter of the legendary wrestler, Dwayne Douglas Johnson aka “The Rock”.


So if Simone does not have a boyfriend, it might neither come as a breaking news nor a mystery. But let’s explore the internet world. Maybe we get lucky and find something about Simone’s love life. 

Simone’s Dad Threatens Her Future Boyfriend 

Simone Garcia Johnson recently received the Global globes ambassador award making her the first. Moreover, she is also a model, having signed a contract with IMG. Not to mention she is an active activist.


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Like any other average dads, The Rock is nervous and his heart filled with fear as his beautiful daughter just reached sweet sixteen. So there are rumors in Hollywood that Dwayne has threatened to Simone’s future boyfriend.

When asked in an interview what would he do if his daughter started dating, the 44-year-old Fast and Furious actor replied,

I will say her to take him home, Then he comes in,” Hello what’s your name… Right there I’m  going to choke the  throat of the boy, then he goes down.

Just imagine what if Simone really started dating someone, he would be in serious trouble. So Simone must be really careful when it comes to choosing a guy as her boyfriend. See what more the Rock has to say?

Of course, he was joking but on the contrary, if you think, how would any average guy have the heart to approach the daughter of the ten times Heavyweight Champion.

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Dwayne rarely opens as family life publicly. So there is less known information about Simone Johnson in the media, let alone spotting her with her possible boyfriend. Still, we get to see Simone, thanks to events and award ceremonies. 

Dwayne Johnson along with his daughter Simone at People's Choice Award in 2017

The first time internet went frenzy over Simone when her father, Dwayne brought her to ‘People’s Choice Award,’ in 2017. It was when the world got a glimpse of the gorgeous Simone Johnson.

She already has more than 205k followers and a Golden Globe award winner and an IMG model. Guys would, of course, notice her. Right now Simone might not be dating but time will only tell how long will she remain single or how long her dad will be able to ward off guys.


My #1. Had the BEST Father’s Day having my first daughter @simonegjohnson come to set to hang w/ me while I worked. She gave me a Father’s Day card and wrote something far more inspiring than I’m sure she expected it to be. *I’m so proud to call you my dad. I admire how hard you work and are always so kind to everyone. It truly motivates me and I love you so so much. The thing that got me the most was the realization that of all the things I do that could influence my kid, she’s motivated by hard work and kindness. Not fame, not money or flashy things to buy, but hard work and kindness. I’m so proud to call her my daughter and so grateful that my influence as the #1 man in her life (for now;) are two fundamental things that can take her and any young girl or boy far in this world.. hard work and kindness. She also bad ass with the most razor edge, wicked sense of humor, so you know I’m proud this apple didn’t fall far from the tree. My#1 #BestFathersDay #ProudSilverback #HardWorkAndKindness ????????????

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Both Simone and Dwayne Johnson share a very close bond. We already know that Dwayne is very serious when it comes to her daughter, that’s clear.

Dwayne Johnson sure loves his daughter, Simone Johnson

In an interview, Simone told that she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her dad. When asked why she replied,

It’s a sport that is unlike anything else in the world. There’s just a certain amount of passion that every move and match requires, and that’s so admirable. It’s definitely something I’ve thought about and want to pursue.

Simone Johnson appears to be very careful, tiptoeing every step regarding her personal life.