It takes a lot to make a relationship work until the marriage. And it takes, even more, to make that marriage last forever. Today we are talking about the similar case of the American actress Carrie Preston who has been living happily with her husband for over NINETEEN years.


Do you know who Carrie’s long-term husband is? If no, don’t you worry, today, you will know everything about Carrie’s husband as well as about her marriage in detail. Also, know if they have any children together. Also, know the secret of their long-term marriage.

Carrie Preston’s Husband

The actress Carrie Preston’s husband is also an actor who was in the cast of Lost. He is none other than Michael Emerson. Well, you must also know that Carrie appeared on the same show as Ben (Michael)’s mother.

Hard to imagine right? The couple actually met way back in the year 1994 and after four years, they tied the knot on 1998.

It was Emerson’s love at first sight. They met at Alabama Shakespeare Festival at the time of production of Hamlet. At that time, Carrie had just come from New York to play Ophelia while Michael was studying conservatory.

As soon as Michael feel the love, he proposed Carrie with peaches and flowers waiting outside her door. Carrie got extremely impressed by this and their love started to blossom.

Carrie and Michael’s marriage and children

In an interview taken with Carrie, she revealed how hard it was for them to tackle their long-distance relationship, especially at the time when they had to travel for work issues.

She said that her heart goes fonder in her husband’s absence and that they enjoy their time together. They seem to have learned a lot from each other since they have been married for almost two decades.

[ CAPTION: Carrie Preston with her husband ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Well even though the couple married way earlier, they still don’t have any children. not only this but Carrie once revealed that it would be easier if they do not have any children.

“We do not have children so it has made it easier for us to move between things. I think that it is helpful to the relationship between us. We have a little dog that we share and we love and it completes our family”.

[ CAPTION: Carrie Preston with her husband ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Seems like they will not have any children anytime soon and that they take their little dog as a part of their family. The couple even has shared same work sometimes.

This made them easier to spend time with each other and share their workload. Let’s hope that they continue on having a blissful life ahead.