Willie Robertson is an American TV personality, best recognized as CEO of the company ‘Duck Commander’. Further, he is a proficient businessman, outdoorsman, author, actor, and hunter. Robertson has appeared in the reality TV series Duck Dynasty on A&E Television Network.


As of 2019, Willie Robertson has an impressive net worth of $20 million and earns an annual salary of $1 million. Likewise, Willie also has a successful personal life as he has been living a happy married life with, Korie Robertson. Further, The Louisiana natives have three biological children named John Luke (23), Sadie (21), and Bella(16). And they have adopted three children, Willie Jr., Rebecca (30), and most recently, Rowdy.

Without any further ado, let’s get to know about Willie Robertson, a talented CEO who excelled in a diverse career such as duck hunting, business, acting, author and many more!

How rich is Willie Robertson as of 2019? Know about his Net Worth, Salary, earnings, business, and ventures

How rich is Willie Robertson as of 2019? Well, Robertson has an impressive amount of net worth, which is expected to be more than $20 million. In addition, his annual salary is around $1 million, pretty huge, isn’t it?

For the information, Robertson makes a tremendous amount of earnings from his multiple professions. Additionally, Robertson mostly earns a big chunk of money from his family company, Duck Commander.

CAPTION: Willie Robertson’s Truck Duck Dynasty

SOURCE: DUB Magazine

Besides, Willie has appeared and produced numerous films and televisions series, which has definitely helped him to boost his net worth.

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Moreover, this talented businessman Willie Robertson also owns several expensive luxury cars including BMW, Phantom Royce, expensive monster trucks, and so on. No doubt, these cars have a market value of more than a million dollars.

Youtube: Willie Robertson’s Car Collection

It is not unheard of Hollywood celebrities living a fancy life, and having the most expensive properties. No doubt, with such impressive career earnings, Robertson has that pressure to maintain the lavish style of living.

CAPTION: Willie and Korie’s Beautiful House

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However, he lives in a simple manner with his family in West Monroe, Louisiana. The exact detail of the cost of his house is unknown, yet, but we can assume that its market value is definitely higher than a million dollar. Nevertheless, Robertson family has earned enough to recover their pensioned life. Kudos!

Know about Willie Robertson Personal Life, marriage, biological and adopted kids, Family Relationships

The 47-year-old, Willie Robertson is living a happily married with his 46-year-old beautiful wife, Korie Robertson since 1992. Further, Korie also worked on the A&E show Duck Dynasty, alongside her husband Willie.

CAPTION: Willie and Korie’s wedding image

SOURCE: Duck Commander

The couple has three biological children: John Luke, Sadie, and Bella and three adopted children; Will Alexander (Willie Jr.), Rebecca and the newest member of the family, Rowdy.

CAPTION: Willie Robertson with his family

SOURCE: countryrebel.com

Korie and Willie adopted Willie Jr. when he was a baby, and Rebecca was an exchange student from Taiwan, who became their foster child in 2004.

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Rebecca, the couple’s oldest adopted child, currently runs Duck and Dressing, a boutique that she and Korie opened together in Monroe, Louisiana, and also joined the cast of Duck Dynasty in season five.

CAPTION: Korie Robertson with her oldest adopted child Rebecca

SOURCE: countryrebel.com

On Mother’s Day, Rebecca shared a photo of herself, her biological mother, and Korie at her wedding.

“She just got married in December (2016) and Willie walked her down the aisle and was able to wear her dad’s tie as he walked her down the aisle, so that was a really, really special moment,” Korie said.

It appears that the husband and wife have a strong bond together since they have been together for 27 straight years. It hasn’t been officially recorded, but they haven’t been involved in any other extra love affairs.

CAPTION: Willie and Korie with their first grandchild

SOURCE: Instagram

As of 2019, Robertson’s family lives in West Monroe, Louisiana, and it seems that the Duck Dynasty members are happy with each other.

Know about Willie Robertson’s Professional Career, Duck Hunting, Acting, Career, Books, Awards

The talented Willie and his brothers have been helping on their father’s company, Duck Commander since their childhood. The dedication and hard work among each other made the local family business to a multi-million dollar empire.

Willie and his family came to limelight after they appeared on the reality television show, Duck Dynasty. Duck Dynasty is one of the most popular television show which aired in more than 40 countries and has viewers more than 9 million.

Watch Willie Robertson and Korie Robertson on Jimmy Fallon Show!

Apart from Duck Commander, Willie made an appearance in other multiple films such as Billy the Exterminator, Last Man Standing, God’s  Not Dead, and Whose Line Is It Anyway?  Moreover, he was also the guest at the 2014 State of the Union, Addressed by President Barack Obama.

Willie has also authored several books, which addresses hunting and business. Some of the books to his account are American Entrepreneur, American Hunting, The Duck Commander Family, Jennie’s List, etc.

CAPTION: Bobby Jindal with Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson

SOURCE: Liberal America

Talking about awards, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal presented Willie Robertson with the inaugural Governor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence in February 2014, at the Duck Commander warehouse in West Monroe.

Willie Robertson Early Life and Education

Willie Jess Robertson was born on April 22, 1972, in Bernice, Louisiana, to Phil Robertson and Kay Robertson. His father is an American professional hunter whereas his mother is a television personality, mainly known as Miss Kay. He has two older brothers Jase and Alan, and a younger brother Jules Jeptha Robertson.

Being the son of a professional hunter, Willie grew up learning hunting techniques with his father. At that time, he used to spent most of the time to Duck Commander, a business company run by his father where he developed his hunting skills.

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Talking about his education, Robertson first graduated from the Harding University and later from the NE Louisiana University. Robertson is known for his immense faith in the Christian religion. In addition, he is a member of the ‘Churches of the Christ‘.

Willie Robertson Facts, Age, Height, weight

Some of the facts of Willie Robertson facts and Body Measurements are:

  • Age: 47 years as of 2019
  • Birthplace: Bernice, Louisiana
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Net Worth: $20 million
  • Salary: $1 million
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inch (1.76m)
  • Weight: Not Available
  • Robertson is known for his immense faith in the Christian religion
  • He is the CEO of Duck Commander