3D Printer has been emerged as a grand evolution toward a field of science and technology. It has the potential for helping to meet the needs of people throughout the world. In future days, this development has a wider scope in human’s life. It obviously has a lot of importance and useful features which will help to make people’s life easier and efficient. 3D printer can be mention as an “Eye Catching Development” in printing.

3D printing procedure is also called as Additive Manufacturing, where a three-dimensional solid object can be printed of any shape from a digital model. 3D printing uses digital technology. After early 2010s, 3D printing technology became widely available commercially. 3D printing procedure consists of phases of printing such as Modeling, Printing and Finishing. Our future will be soon grabbed by the 3D technology which is few years away from that printing economy where it will have a huge importance in every field. 3D printing will have a major role in manufacturing in future which will completely transform the way manufacturing is done now. Many projects & companies are making efforts to develop affordable 3D printers for home desktop use as well. 3D printer has a wider scope in future which may result either in a positive way or in negative. Some future of 3D printer can be discussed as below:

  1. Aerospace industries: In aerospace industries, 3D printer will be used to make the functional parts like air duct which can be used as they are manufactured by using traditional methods. Those 3D printed functional parts are lighter, cheaper and smoother.
  2. Food printing: Printing food products with the use of 3D printers such as chocolates, cakes, etc which can be shaped as the manufacturer wants like shaping those products as the company logos, names, etc with the unique designs will be seen. Ingredients used to make those products are extruded from nozzle or syringe to print the required products. A meal comprising of pizza, an eggplant dish, corn pasta was recently 3D printed.
  3. Military use: Machinery of the military use is very complex in nature. Those machineries are produced in relatively low volumes and which takes lot of time. Many of the parts of these machineries are required to be replaced constantly in higher frequency so, 3D printing will help to produce those parts instantly and efficiently even in the remote locations.
  4. Electronic materials & gadgets printing: 3D printers will be commonly used for designing and printing electronics with best possible shapes and styling properties. 3D printing is perfect for the complex geometric features. Many electronic gadgets will be in use produced by 3D printing technology.
  5. Jewelry printing: Anyone can instantly produce the design whatever they want to wear according to their need by the help of 3D printers which will completely abandon the traditional process of manufacturing jewelries. For producing attractive and beautiful pieces there will be no requirement of large-scale, expensive & complex machineries.
  6. Toys manufacturing: It will be very cheap as we can say 10 times cheaper for the inexpensive consumers to afford those toys manufactured by the 3D printers. In future, children will be able to manufacture toys by downloading 3D design files, modifying & customizing them as they want in their homes.
  7. Automotive manufacturing: Many vehicle parts, helmets, and even a whole car can be manufactured by the use of 3D printing technology. Motorcyclist & bikers will be able to order their helmets according to their required designs and are printed to fit their individual head size and structure.
  8. In space: It is very difficult to get the required spare parts when needed at the International Space Station by the astronauts which can be made easily available by the use of 3D printer. NASA is as well planning to overcome these difficulties by sending this printer up to the station as required.
  9. Medical use: Any simple soft-tissue organs such as ear, finger, and kidney can be produced widely in future with the use of 3D printer. Also metal hip implants, orthopedic insoles, body braces, jaw transplants, etc have already been manufactured by the printer.
  10. In making records: Any song can be converted into a 3D model and get printed on-demand by use of 3D printer. Those printed records doesn’t sounds like original. This 3D printing technology will be used not differently than the earlier Phonograph technology.

These are few very obvious future of 3D printer as the 3D printing technology is in the development phase which is now only beginning to emerge. Poor people in developing countries will find their basic needs like clean drinking water, low-cost energy sources, and other basic human needs at much lower cost. It will work as an engine of economic development in future.