One of the former internationally renowned Model, Annette Roque is best known for being the wife of Matt Lauer. Netherland born Annette worked as a Fashion Model and became a sought-after model for elegant campaigns.

Besides her modeling career, there are a lot of things to know about her, whether it’s about her career or her personal life there are many facts which you should know about the model. Check out these five facts about the wife of Matt Lauer, Annette Roque. Just stick with us.

Five Facts You Should Know about Matt Lauer wife, Annette Roque

Annette Roque was born in 1966 in Netherland to an Indonesian father and Dutch mother. At age of 22, she decided to take her career of modeling to the next level and then she moved to Paris and there she worked as a Fashion Model.

Annette Roque- Sensational Model

One of the hot models from Netherland, Annette Roque was one of the sensational models of the late 80’s till the early 90’s.

Annette Roque Annette Roque, Source: Bellazon

She also worked as a Victoria’s Secret and J.Crew Catalogs. Annette was also known by her stage name, Jade.

Annette Roque- Dutch

Annette was born in Amsterdam in 1996 to a Dutch mother and Indonesian father. She was raised in a town situated close to the capital of the Netherland and after she was 20, she headed to Paris.

Annette Roque LauerAnnette Roque Lauer, Source: Bellazon

Annette Roque- Met Laure on a Blind Date

A freelance stylist, Maria arranged a blind date for Annette and Laure. And the blind date resulted in a great connection between the two and they started meeting each other daily.

Annette Roque with her husband Matt LauerAnnette Roque with her husband Matt Lauer, Source:

After the five months, they decided to engage and after around 15 months, 1998, they tied the knot and started living a happy married life.

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Annette Roque- Filed for Divorce

Everything was going normally as every couple used to do but when Annette was pregnant in 2006, she filed for divorce from Lauer but at last both the couple reconciled.

 Matt Lauer's with his wife Annette RogueAnnette Roque with her husband Matt Lauer, Source:

However, it is said that the divorce paper was filed more than 8 years ago but revoked three weeks later.

Annette Roque- Mother of 3 children

Annette and Matt have 3 children together. Annette is known as a dedicated mother to her 3 children they live in North Haven, New York.

Annette Roque with her children.Annette Roque with her children, Source: Everipedia

During an interview, Lauer said that his children aren’t keen on the fame aspect of their father’s life, though he becomes “cool dad”.