Have you had the feeling when you find out about someone you are a fan of, is dating someone and you really don’t know? It’s such a cruel thing, isn’t it? For the sake of the fans of Josh Hutcherson, we have brought you the latest details of him dating someone.


As we have all been there, we get really curious about things like who’s your favorite star is dating? What is he doing? When did they start their relationship and all? Hence, we have compiled some details of Josh Hutcherson’s dating rumors and his past affairs.

Is Josh Hutcherson Really in a Relationship?

Too good to be true, it seems like the American actor has found his true love, eh? Josh Hutcherson seems to be in a relationship with the Spanish actress, Claudia Traisac. Wondering when they started dating?

 Josh kissing Claudia

Josh kissing Claudia Source: E-online

Josh and Claudia started their romantic relationship some 4 years ago. With the start of their journey as a couple in 2013, it has taken the couple to open up about their relationship just after two years.

 Josh and Claudia in Hollywood Premiere

Josh and Claudia in Hollywood Premiere Source: Pinterest

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The couple first met in the sets while filming the movie, It’s pretty good. For his love, Josh told the reporters that the Distance is a hard thing however, they are making it work. Claudia also told the reporters that the actress is really happy with her relationship with Josh.

 Claudia and Josh posting pictures at the Escobar Premiere

Claudia and Josh posting pictures at the Escobar Premiere Source: Dailymail

With the couple having long distance relationship problems, they are only seen together in their off-time. Recently, there has also been rumors of them shopping for an engagement ring, but such rumors are not made official.

Josh Hutcherson: Past Relationships, Dating, Affairs

The American actor mostly known for his part in The Hunger Games has had a total of 9 dating rumors until now. According to the tabloid sources, he was first seen with the musical artist, Shannon Marie Wada between the years 2003 and 2006.

Josh and Shannon Wada 

Josh and Shannon Wada Source: Whos dated who

After her, he was in a really short relationship with AnnaSophia Robb. The rumors of them being in a relationship was raised after they were seen together in the movie, Bridge to Terabithia. He was then seen with Victoria Justice for one year until 2009.

 Josh Hutcherson with Vanessa Hudgens

Josh Hutcherson with Vanessa Hudgens Source: Fans Share

After 2009, he was seen to date several stars like Lanchen Mihalic, Rochella Danishei, Francia Raisa and Chloe Bridges. The actor was also seen hooking up with Vanessa Hudgens in 2011. They were in a romantic relationship until their movie Journey 2: The Mysterious Island came to theaters.

On the whole, it seems that Josh Hutcherson and Claudia Traisac are living as a happy couple up until now. With their rumors of engagement, we would really want them to be together, don’t we?