Is there anyone else we love more than The Weeknd? There is. Even though we love them, we love The Weeknd more. Isn’t it? The famous musician, The Weeknd is has stolen our heart with his gorgeous smile, his unique hairstyle, songs and much more.


The Weeknd is so famous that he doesn’t need any introduction but in case if you are new on the list of The Weeknd’s fandom then you just don’t need to worry about it. Why? Because today we have five interesting facts about The Weeknd which will help you to feel in love with this singer even more. And we can guarantee that you will love him more when you’re done.

Five Facts You Need To Know About The Weeknd

 The Weeknd was born on 16th February 1990 in Toronto, Ontario. He is the only child of Makkonen and Samra. He is a Canadian citizen of Ethiopian descent.

The Weeknd- Real Name

The Weeknd’s real name is Abel Makonnen Tesfaye. And the reason behind changing the name is just because he hated his birth name and he created his own stage name The Weeknd, this sound really cool then Abel Makonnen Tesfaye.

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The Weeknd took out the “e” just because there was already one Canadian band named after Weekend.

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The Weeknd- Raise by his Grandmother

Abel’s father was never around him, his mother was a worker and he was raised by his grandmother in the poverty-ridden Toronto suburb of Scarborough.

The Weeknd- Never Finished High School

It’s true that the superstar was dropped out of high school and persuaded his friend, La Mar Taylor to join him. The Weeknd and his friend Taylor said that they are they are they dropped out to pursue their dream full time.

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The Weeknd- Lives in a Haunted House

After the release of his major-label debut, Kissland, with a disappointing release,  he looked for a change of scenery and he found it in L.A. But he insists the house he rents in the Hollywood Hills as hunted.

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He said, ” I’ve has sleep paralysis. I hear the voice sometimes. I heard the Hills are over Indian burial ground. But maybe it’s just the wind.”

The Weeknd- Uploaded his first track onto Youtube

The 20-year-old boy who went by his name The Weeknd, identify his appearance on Youtube with his first track, What You Need on 4th February 2011.

Youtube: The Weeknd – What You Need


With no face to match the vocals, he used images of attractive women. During an interview with Complex Magazine, he said that in the beginning, he was very much insecure about his track. He said himself that he was very camera shy and people like hot girls so he put pictures of hot girls and it just became a trend.