Bisexual marriage is a common thing in every nook and corner of the whole world. But, nowadays, it has become a common thing in the developed countries to get married to a person of the same sex.


One such personality got married to the love of his life. Shaun T, the famous motivational speaker cum fitness trainer cum choreographer, got married to Scott Blokker, his love, his life, his partner.

Is the couple living a happy married life? Or, have they broken up? Do they have children? Or, are planning to have one? Find out about their married life.

Scott Blokker and Shaun T Married Life

On 12th October 2012, Shaun and Scott got married. The marriage was held in New York and had the Midnight Love theme. Although it was difficult for Scott to accept his homosexuality, Shaun T made him accept the positive side of being gay. The couple got married after dating each other for a short period.

Scott Blokker proposed Shaun T in St. Maarten in front of his family members and close friends. Scott proposed to his darling boyfriend in front of twenty-five family members after their return from the dream trip around the world. The couple declared their relationship after two years of their meeting.

[ CAPTION: Scott Blokker and Shaun T ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

With Midnight Love theme, the lovers wanted to have a non-traditional wedding night. They wanted to celebrate love. They wanted to celebrate life. And, they celebrated it as a 1930s glam event. With playbill programs and invitations in the form of tickets, their wedding night was one of a kind.

Scott and Shaun Having Twins

The couple had twin sons in November 2017 with the help of surrogacy mother. The couple was very excited to have the babies. Both of them are taking care of their children very nicely.

After the babies were born, Shaun T posted on Instagram with the picture of their sons on their chest. They post a picture of their children regularly showing how much they love them and take care of them.

[ CAPTION: Scott Blokker and Shaun T ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Shaun T posted on Instagram the photos of him and his wife, Scott Blokker feeding the children. The couple announced the arrival of their babies through Instagram with the picture of their babies clinging to their chest.

Although this couple is different from others, they are happy with each other. These days, the couple is busy in taking care of their children. The couple is seen to love and nurture the kids as a mother would. Hope the couple stays together for whole life. We wish the couple warm wish and good luck for their bright future ahead.