The Columbian lord of drug and narcoterrorist, Pablo Escobar was very much lucky to find Maria Victoria Henao as his life partner because she didn’t leave her husband despite Escobar’s extramarital affairs and criminal records.


Maria Victoria Henao is currently living her life away from Colombia and has chosen a very low profiled lifestyle. She hasn’t appeared in the media since very long. So where is Maria after the death of her husband, Pablo Escobar? Wanna know in detail? Then just keep scrolling the page.

Five Facts You Need To Know about Pablo Escobar’s wife, Maria Victoria Henao

Maria Victoria Henao was born in 1962 in Columbia. She is widely known for being the wife of Pablo Escobar, who supported her husband throughout her life. A lady of beauty, Maria is a designer and business women. Maria fell in love with Pablo and married him before she turned 16.

Maria Victoria Henao-Exiled in Argentina

In order to enter Buenos Aires, Maria became Maria Isabel Santos Caballero. She had to change her name because she was exiled to Argentina.

[ CAPTION: Maria Victoria Henao ][ SOURCE: Culturanarco ]

Not only she, but her son Juan Pablo also changed his name to Juan Sebastian Marroquin Santos. Maria Victoria Henao.

Maria Victoria Henao- Haven’t refaced in the media

After “Narcos” was released and rise, Sebastian Marroquin spoke about the how inaccurate the series is and not only that but he tried to right the wrongs committed by his father and after this incident, Maria and her daughter haven’t refaced in the media.

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Maria Victoria Henao’s Lofe after her husband Pablo’s Death

Pablo was killed by the Columbian police force in 1993. After his death, his family suffer a lot and lost all the money since it was all taken by the Columbian authorities.

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Moving toward Maris, she is living in Argentina in a Buenos Aires apartment along with her children. She has changed her and her children identity. Although her husband had criminal records, she is currently living a quiet life.

Maria Victoria Henao- Part of Cursed Family

Maria was married to her husband Pablo in 1976. And it was estimated that Pablo smuggled more than 80% of the total cocaine and was entered in the United State of America.

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In the drug dealing industry, Maria was a nickname as Tata. Just because of her husband involved in the drug dealing industry, she was also named Tata.

Maria Victoria Henao- Lived in fear of revenge

One of the world’s most wanted men died in 1993 and after the death, Maria Victoria and her two children did what they could to avoid the retaliation from his enemies.

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And after searching for countries to grant them asylum and the family fled Columbia to begin the new life.