Abbie Cornish is one of the sensational actress and terrific personality of the film and series industry. Born in the year 1982, August 7 in South Wales, Australia, she represents herself as Australian actress and rapper by profession. The hot and marvelous actress is also called as Dusk which is her rap name. The award-winning actress is also remembered for her lead role in Somersault which was released in the year 2004. Accounting her international presence, Abbie role as Fanny Brawne in Bright Star is highly appreciated by the critics while she has also made her appearance as Sweet Pea in Sucker Punch. Coming to this far, she has gain huge popularity with her charming beauty and excellent acting skills. Abbie Cornish fame, name, and success can be measured by Abbie Cornish net worth and breathe taking a salary.


Born and raised in South Wales, Australia, there is not much information about her early childhood memories. However, the source states that Abbie Cornish has been active in the modeling sector from the age of 13. After ending up as the final contestant of Dolly Magazine competition in the 90’s, she got Young Actor’s Award from Australian Film Institute for her sensational role in Wildside (ABC production). She made her official debut from the movie The Monkey’s Mask.

Accounting Abbie Cornish's success, Geostorm, Solace, RoboCop, Seven Psychopaths, The Girl, Limitless, Sucker Punch etc are sensational and highly critically acclaimed movies. The multi-talented Abbie is also a good rapper. She has been in the music and rapping industry from the year 2000. The fantastic personality has no account of her financial figure and salary. Though it’s hidden but it is another fact that after all these years, Abbie Cornish net worth is in million dollars.

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Coming towards Abbie Cornish boyfriend, husband, and marital relationship status, it is one of the fact that she has been approached by a number of men in her life. She might have also engaged herself in series of relationship, however, these facts have been well hidden from the so-called media and public. Abbie has not shared any kind of information which can give the clear idea about her relationship status. With this statement, it’s pretty hard to say that she is a married woman. Likewise, there is no news about Abbie Cornish children and divorce phase too.

Accounting Abbie Cornish height, age and her utmost personality, there is no doubt that this fine beauty has won the heart of million people with her body structure only. The hot lady has perfect curvy body shape which looks absolutely crazy when she wears only bikini. Besides, she has been blessed with perfect hot, sexy legs and feet. Having strong sex appeal, she is also mesmerized for her social activity along with her cheerful behavior and pleasant character. Abbie is currently running on her early thirties and there is still to lots of wonders from her. Likewise, Abbie has been successful in hiding her height, and figure facts, however by analyzing her figure, we can state that she might stand the height of around 5 feet 9 inch and might have the weight of around 60kg.