A meteorologist has always been a sensible profession a country like the USA where nature can bring the devastating situation at any time. Forecast of Meteorologist can make difference in life and death. Addison Green is such a name who has gained name and fame as a Meteorologist and whose forecasts have been taken into consideration during various weather scenarios. Having worked on the field for several years, he considered as one of the highly experienced meteorologists.


Addison Green was born in 1991 in New York and grown up roaming in the metro area of New York. He attended Half Hollow Hills High School of East and completed his high school education from there. Green experienced extreme weather for the first time when Hurrican Gloria hit the city hard and went over Long Island. He has stated that time as a terrifying time and at the same time, he was amazed at the power of the mother nature. He knew that weather had always been attracting him since that day but he didn’t realize his passion in knowing weather phenomena until he joined the University of Buffalo for a degree in Geography and Earth Systems. After getting his degree in Geography, he knew how deeply he can connect himself with weather and how he can pursue his career involved with the weather which led him to join the University of Albany. From the University of Albany, he earned his degree in Broadcast Meteorology. His professor Mike Landin used to grilled airports code and weather scenarios into his head which paid off well later.

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After completing his University, Addison Green was offered his first weather job at the FOX affiliate in NYC, where he worked as a morning weather producer. He felt pleasure to know that many people tuned to his forecast to know what he had to say. During his job at FOX, he got a chance to work with the people that he had been dreaming of. Later he became CBS Meteorologist and also served CBS as a weather producer. During his tenure at CBS in 2011, mother nature had kicked things into overdrive, he spent more time in covering the devastating weather scenarios. He got his first storm chasing trip experience in May 2011. When it comes to covering the weather scenarios, he packed up his back and be ready to walk putting his life at risk.


Digging his personal life, Addison Green has not spoken much more about his personal life, He might have been a married man but he has not revealed any information about his wife and children. Hardworking and dedicated personality Green prefers to give more time to his profession than to romance. To get more information about his professional career, his biography on weatherNation official website can be read. There has been no any information about his financial status. He might have made good money from his successful career but there is no any authenticate source to reveal the exact figure of his net worth.