Quick facts about Addison Moffett Biography
Date of birth : February 3, 1998
Birth Country: Arizona
Gender: Female
Height: N/A
Net worth: N/A
Body measurement: N/A
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/addykaylee
Website: N/A
Wikipedia: N/A


American actress and dancer Addison Moffet was conceived on February 3,  1998,  in Arizona. As a dancer, she has  gathered a large fanbase across the country in a brief time

Project 21 and Television Stints

Addison rose to prominence after joining Project 21 as an entertainer. Before joining Project 21, she was a member of Club Dance Studio. Addison has been partaking and showcasing her dancing and acting artistries through some reputed television programmes. 

She has made appearances in the background at the Nia Risks It All’sSheer Talent competition. In one of the episodes of Wild West Coast part 1, Moffet did a small cameo in a bonus footage in the L A auditions where she got the opportunity to work as assistants to Abby and Gianna. Addison has also danced in Kendall K’s music video shoot as a leading dancer.

Personal Life, Career Elevation, Youtube Channel And Personality

Moffet is the younger sister of Alexa Moffet and the best friend of Kalani Hilliker. Kalani is a longtime teammate of the Moffets’.They started dancing together beginning from the days at Club Dance. Addison left the Club Dance at the time of her sister Alexa’s departure.

Addison started mastering the moves when she was just 8. Her solo performance “Latch” shows her evolution from an amateur dance to a professional one.  Thanks to Club Dance Studio, which she joined at the age of 9, she was later signed by Bloc Talent Agency, which was successful in booking her a job as a background dancer in The X Factor. It was her first job ever.

 Her solo titled “Latch” could get the highest score amongst the teen division at The Dance Awards held in Las Vegas in the year 2014. Moreover, she was also the second runner-up in the Best Female Dancer category under the teen division. Also in the year 2014,  Moffet packed away the title of Miss Dance of America (senior)  at the KAR Las Vegas Nationals in the Blue Room, whereas Kalani, her best friend got to be Miss Teen Dance of America during the same talent hunt. What’s more, in 2013, she enjoyed being the 13 and over winner for the ALDC Dance Off quest, which was Abby’s online dance competition. Nevertheless, she is likewise dynamic on Youtube and runs to manage her channel with Kalani. They usually release new videos on Tuesdays on their Youtube channel. Thier videos are derived more by humor than dance, but they are awesome in both the forte. 

Addison began her solo Youtube channel in the month of October in 2015, especially because her best friend Kalini was continually busy in the filming of the American reality television series Dance Moms. 

Personality wise, people often referred to the blonde by the words such as fun loving and friendly.