A fascinating thing to be hearing about Bounty hunters in this current era. But, there are people like those still hunting down the criminals and trading them for cash with the government. Duane Lee Chapman is one of such person who makes a living by hunting down the criminals to the earth’s core.


Talking about the hunter’s personal life, we have heard that he had several divorces before getting married to Beth Smith.

Why did the so-called Bounty Hunter have unsuccessful relationships? Did he found love with Beth? Are they living a happy married life? Do they have children? Let’s just talk about Duane Chapman and Beth Smith’s married life and their children. Also, maybe their past relationships.

Duane Chapman and Beth Smith: Married Life and Children

Met in the late 80s, Duane and Beth had been in an on and off relationship for more than 15 years. Both of them married different persons during that time but, finally in May 2006, the couple tied their knot. With this wedding, Beth became the fifth and last wife of the bounty hunter till date. 

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The couple has a total of two children together, Bonnie Joanne Chapman and Garry Chapman. Besides them, Beth had a daughter named Cecily who was, at the time of their marriage was adopted by Duane. Also, before his marriage to Beth, the bounty hunter had the total of 8 children from 4 different women. 

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Despite the fact that the couple had children from different partners, both of them have turned into one as a family. Beth with her daughter and Duane with his two sons and a daughter started living together until two new members, Bonnie and Garry came into existence. Before them, Duane had Leland Chapman and Lyssa Chapman as children.

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Still together, the couple has now announced their exit from the bounty hunting business. They decided to get out of the business after Beth was diagnosed with the second stage throat cancer.

Duane has been supporting his wife of 11 years in her battle with cancer. They now want to stop bounty hunting so that they can focus fully on Beth’s health.

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Duane Chapman and Beth Smith: Past relationship

The love life of the bounty hunter began when he met Debbie White. Debbie and Duane were teenage lovers who later conceived a son, Christopher Michael Hecht.

However, the hunter only got the news of his son’s existence after Debbie killed herself. After that, he married La Fonda Sue Honeycutt on 1st April 1972 in Texas. But, the relation could not last long and they had to get a divorce on 27th October 1977.

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On 22nd August 1979, Duane married his second wife, Anne M. Tegnell. However, with 3 children, the couple separated on 5th August 1982.

His third wife was Lyssa Rae Brittan who he married after 3 years of his divorce with Anne. On the same year as their marriage, the couple had a daughter named Barbara Katie Chapman, who later died just a day before her father’s wedding to his current wife, Beth.

Before getting married to Beth and settling down, he married and divorced his fourth wife, Tawny Marie.

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Beth Smith also had several relationships before getting wed to Duane. Beth married Duane’s best friend of high school as her first husband and conceived Cecily Barmore Chapman. The bounty hunter’s wife had a total of 2 children before her marriage.

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All in all, the 64-year old bounty hunter is now happy with his wife, Beth Smith and are living a happy life with each other. But, recently due to the throat cancer of Beth, the couple have shifted their focus on healing rather than Bounty hunting.