Aidan Gillen- An Unvarnished actor

Born on 24 April 1968, Drumcondra, Dublin Ireland,Aidan Gillen is someone who has garnered popularity playing roles that everyone seems to despise. However, he remains authentic to his profession trying to comprehend his characters perspectives as they are. He even sympathizes with his opportunists, degenerates and scoundrels characters. Over and above that, he feels for his characters so much that he refers his characters in his interviews using the word "I' and talks their talks , showcasing his audience mirror self of his portrayals.

Learned His Early Acting Chops in Theatres

There is no better spot to learn acting than theaters if you are pursuing or thinking to pursue a career in acting. Having interested in movies of all sort of genres since an early age, Aidan was ironically not interested in acting originally. His disinterest was so high that he even remained truant in his first play for two important occasions. Fortunately, the play ran for five nights and his friends participated in them. So he unconvincingly appeared in it for three nights. His appearance made him understand that his depictions in the play were more essentials than his unimportant vicinity on-stage. Since that day he decided to pursue his new found interest in playing other people lives. He gradually began to develop interests in acting credentials of reputed actors such as Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn. Later, there arrived a year when he was amidst school and getting going as an actor when he fundamentally decided  just to watch movies with his brother, purchasing them from a nearby video shop, when video shop was the new thing of those times.

A Reputed Institution: Dublin Youth Theatre

Studied at St. Vincent's C.B.S. in Glasnevin, Aidan begin his career as a teenage actor with Dublin Youth Theatre portraying the famous character Nick Bottom  in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Project Arts Centre. Till this day, he is associated with the theater and has portrayed many reputed and diverse roles.

Move to London and Breakthrough Portraying a Gay Character

Teenager Aiden ultimately moved to the next big destination London to test his dreams. He slowly developed himself as an actor portraying minor television and movies roles and acting in theaters. Finally, his diligent work paid off.  In his early 30's, he handled his leap forward part as the homophobes detecting gay sex devotee, Stuart Alan Jones, in the questionable British Drama "Queer As Folk". The part brought him gigantic acknowledgments and extended his acting image more than a theater actor, perhaps to an on-screen aspiring one.


Rave Reviews in the US

Pre-2000's, Aidan Gillen had established himself as rising low-budget actor  in London acting with roles in highly respected autonomous movies like Friend network, Some Mother's Son,  Magic, Pal Boy and much more. He was likewise respectfully known in the UK's theater scene. In 2003, he impressed critics making Broadway debut in the United States of America portraying an important role in Harold Pinter's "The Caretaker". The role even brought him Tony Nomination and opened potential acting doors. He then went on to act as the villain in various British and American movies. Later, his growing popularity landed him an important role of the corrupt politician with conflicting views, "Thomas J. Tommy Carcetti" in the distinctly popular crime drama series "The Wire", and also the celebrated role of paranoid mob leader John Boy Power in the popular Irish dramatic television series Love/Hate.

Versatile Actor

Aidan Gillen handled his most known part Peter Baelish, a low-conceived hazardously tricky brother keeper Lord, in the world-famous ensemble series "Game of Thrones", in 2011. The part has brought him enormous fame internationally. Presently, he is viewed as one of the world most preferred on-screen actors to depict villainous and problematic characters. Be that as it may, he hasn't constrained himself to one specialty. He has proved that he is capable of singlehandedly earning name for a low budget Irish movies such as You're Ugly Too, in which he assumed the part of Will, the ex-detainee uncle  running from his shadowed past in the meantime bonding with his dead sister's little girl. His diverse range of characters in movies such as M.r. John, Still, Calvary, Still, and  The Dark Knight Rises are enough to express his acting versatility. Furthermore, he is also credited for his distinct roles choice and "acting in all of the television, theater, and movies to avoid monotonousness in acting" strategy.

Personal Life and Net Worth

Aiden is a committed man. His wife is no other than fellow actress Olivia O'Flanagan, with whom he parents two children. The family currently resides in Ireland. Previously, they used to live in England but the moved back to Ireland when Aiden felt a need to respect and fancy his roots. Aiden's net worth is speculated to be in the range of 4 million US dollars. Personality wise, Aiden is referred to by the word such as calculative, calm, shy, soft-spoken and media magnet. He possesses white ethnicity, short hairstyle and pointed face. He is also known for his trademark smirking expression.

Future plans

Success seems to be synonyms of Aiden. With successful stints as the villainous character Janson/Rat Man in  "Maze Runner: The death Cure" in 2015 and the enforcing patriarch Robert in "Sing Street" in 2016, the Other Voices presenter is set to portray Goosefat Bill in much anticipated  movie "Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur in 2017. " More wiki on his professional and personal life can be accused via his bio from various websites (like Tumbler and Wikipedia) on the web.