Best known for the role of Kristin Baxter on the ABC sitcom, Last Man Standing, Alexandra Krosney is now being replaced for Season two? She was good enough, wasn’t she? She molded into her role pretty well, then why is she being replaced?


Who is she being replaced by? Is the replacement actor better than her? Look into this article to find out the reason for Alexandra Krosney’s replacement in Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing.

Alexandra Krosney’s Replacement

Do you believe that the star of Tim’s Last Man Standing is replaced by four years older Amanda Fuller? Alexandra Krosney had a rocking season 1 in the Last Man Standing until 8th May 2012. Then, came Amanda, to capture her position in the TV series.

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The news of the letting go of Alexandra was first given by the TV Line. The tabloid site stated that the actor had been let go because of “creative reasons” and that the role was to get re-casted. The role was given to Amanda Fuller, who had also played as the complicated intern for Alex Karev in Grey’s Anatomy.

[ CAPTION: Alexandra Krosney ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

As the reason for the drop of the 29 years actress, the directors of the sitcom stated that they hired the older actress (Amanda) to change the family dynamic. The age difference led the show to find opportunities in shaping the family more easily.

[ CAPTION: Alexandra Krosney ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Some have also speculated that the actress replacement was because of the change in the director for the TV series in season 2. The ABC group hired the veteran Tim Doyle as the director of the comedy series because of the original director, Kevin Abbott, had plans for another ABC sitcom Malibu Country.

Alexandra after Last Man Standing

Actors and actresses cannot control when to act and when not to. They also cannot be sure as to why the roles they played in the 1st season gets re-casted on the other. Alexandra was kicked out of the sitcom rather harshly stating that they needed to be more creative and show more of the family dynamics in the series.Alexandra Krosney kicked out of Last Man Standing

After getting out of the television sitcom in 2012, the American Actress has appeared in several other TV sitcoms and movies. From 2013, the actress was seen in the sitcoms like Emily Owens, M.D., Rainbow Brite and NBC‘s Aquarius.

In addition to the TV series, the actress has also appeared in a number of short movies. She has played in the movies like The Pinhole Effect, Barely Lethal and Twenty-Three Pints. The actress has also played alongside Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Alba, Sophie Turner, and Samuel L. Jackson.

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All in all, as the saying goes, what happens is always for a greater good, the American actress is trying her best to become a renowned artist in the Hollywood industry. Hope all goes well with her.